I can't pay for the premium membership! frozen account please help me!

i just back to the game after 4 years break. Want to play again with a premium membership but its keep failing.i sent a ticket yesterday and still no answer… i have been waiting to resolve this issue more than 30 hours now!

I’m sorry to hear your account is currently frozen and you’re having trouble completing a new payment for membership. I’m afraid we’re not able to provide direct assistance with this type of issue through the forums. If you’ve already submitted an email support ticket, all you need to do at this point is wait for a reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please keep in mind that we are still experiencing some service delays due to our recent office closure for Hurricane Florence, as stated here: Hurricane Florence's Impact on Customer Service

Now that we’ve reopened, we’re helping everyone as swiftly as we can. Your email ticket will be answered as soon as possible. Your patience and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

more than 2 days and still no answer! u guys just have to do delete my current Pending Service Requests at all. Let me pay you!

Our US office was closed for four days due to Hurricane Florence, so a wait time of more than two days is not unusual for an email ticket at the moment. I understand if you’re feeling frustrated, but our team is working as quickly as they can. Thank you again for your patience.

Your US office is still closed?

I am still waiting for help!!! its like a bad joke :slight_smile:

I believe their US office is open now, but they are probably flooded with petitions from all of their games. Just keep bumping your petition and be patient

No need to keep bumping the petition. That won’t affect your position in the queue. They will respond when they get to it.

problem solved, thank you.