Buying premium still f2p Cc

I paid 1 x 12 month abo extensions by 18 July , switching from F2P to Premium Member, on register ageofconan com , and payments are refused, still in red in the history. My ccount turned frozen and the money was not spent. Then i baught 12 month abo from account ageofconan com by 18 July . This one worked fine, money is spent, and appeared as green in the history (register site). My account is considered valide for the next comming 12 months!!! in total, i appear as Premium Member on both sites, but physicallyi m still F2P player in the game. This last since May 1st, and i have no feed back from customer support, despite 3 - 4 claims, and additional request upon some claims to give details. Can someone support me.

You’ll need to clear that failed payment

A ‘failed payment’ causes an account to be frozen but allows more payments. Frozen accounts are as if free-to-play until the failed payment is removed by a GM; there’s no player option to remove it.

Options: direct message @Tamtor @AndyB , /petition in game,

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Can someone please check my account? I’m getting the same problem. #1145058 ticket. Still no resolution since july 6th

Опции: прямое сообщение

, / ходатайство в игре,

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Ticket-ID 1145093 I sent in 9 days ago. I have the exact same problem. Can somebody look at this? I still don’t have premium after such a long tme.

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