Paid for Premium, still F2P

Been loving the game, paid for Premium (payment withdrew without an issue). I was looking forward to at least trying other classes, but my account remains F2P, no character slots :confused: Sad days

I really wonder if the system is working for anyone at all.

I love how funcom dont comment on this at all… total disrecpect and incompetence. We, as a community shouldnt let them go away with this and do something about it so they take actions to fix their fu**ed payment system.

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The real shame here is that the game is pretty damn solid (at least from my point of view) which is becoming all the more rare lately. This issue is pretty bad, but still not bad enough to sour my enjoyment…for now :smiley:
Adding ticket nr. [Funcom #1165946]
Andy B - apparently you are the go-to-guy around here :slight_smile:

Edit: Daaamn apparently as a new user I can’t make mentions…still gonna leave it there, just without the @ :smiley:

Issue has been resolved.

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