Paid Premium but F2P and missing character slots...5+ weeks...when will you resolve?

This has been coming up for 5+ weeks now and subscription renewed auotmatically and dropped me to F2P on 26th April —8 weeks ago
I have :
posted here repeatedly
raised petitions
emailed your support multiple times
raised support tickets - multiple times
emailed your PR department
also threatened a report to the Consumer Council.

Continuous premium since game launch but now erroneously on F2P …please give me what i am paying for.

see previous mails and posts for more detail

I solved this problem once and for all by removing every security form my prepaid credit card. Get in contact with your bank.

Hi, Thanks, yup the bank - I hadn’t thought of that. I can report the credit card transaction as fraud. Worried that they took the payment 24th April and bank may say too late. But great idea.

Consumer council here are very good but a little slow - but is a similar thing; taking money for a service not provided and pointedly not fixing it.

Am i the only one that this has happened to recently?

It seems to be sort of common…if you revoke the payment from your bank,.funcom will ban your account.

Make a complaint through FUNCOM, Inc. | Better Business Bureau® Profile if in-game petition/website support is taking too long for you.

Done - thank you for the suggestion

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