Problem about subscription site

Guys you seem have a problem with your site

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble submitting a purchase for this special offer. Currently, our account page should be functioning as expected.

If you’re still seeing this error after our scheduled downtime concludes, please visit us at and submitting an email support ticket using the provided web form. We can then take a closer look at your account.

thank you, badly page continue give me 500 Internal Server Error

I’m having the same issue since yesterday.

I wonder, I bought one month of premium yesterday but I did not get any hoard box in my claims nor do I have it at the membership rewards, did I do something wrong? I bought that one month 2 or 3 hours after the servers went back online and event started so I should be getting this hoard, right?

Customer Support can not help you with any account or billing issues on the forums, I’m sorry.

If you’re still having trouble creating a new order for this special offer, or if you have other questions or concerns regarding a recent purchase on your account, you need to contact us through email at