Special Offer Errored, and now I can't re-sub

Hi there!

So my wife and I were going to re-sub for the 2019 server, and were excited to get Pioneer backpacks. We were subscribers from back in 2002 and had just missed them before, so this was a cool thing for us.

My wife’s account worked great. Mine on the other hand errored before I could even input my credit card info. It shows this under my payment info screen:
123094174 2019-03-07 1 month subscription with bonus 14.95 USD Failed

Now, the special offers button is gone from my account and it won’t let me re-sub with the offer. Is there a way to reset my account so that button appears again so I can subscribe with the offer?

I’ve opened a ticket (Funcom #1104990), but I haven’t received a response yet.


Support can not help you with any account or billing issues over the forums. Please visit us at https://www.funcom.com/help and submit an email support ticket, if you haven’t already. Our support team is working to answer everyone’s requests as quickly as they can. Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated.