Anniversary Offer Failed Payment


I attempted to resubscribe more than one account using the anniversary offer. Unfortunately, the Funcom protection system has kicked in and failed the transaction. I have raised a ticket, however, in the slim hope that someone may read the forums, I would like assistance in unblocking failed payments please as there is certainly no blocker from my side.

Also, the Special Subscription offer now no longer appears as a link for the effected accounts so if I am to get unblocked then that would need to be fixed. I tried changing payment method and completing the pending payment on the old register.funcom site too with no success.


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I had the same experience trying to by the one year special offer on my second paid account as well.

Same for me… reactivated one account just fine, trying the second one gives me “Unable to find selected package” or something like that, and then only presents me with the regular non-bonus reactivation options. Opened ticket #1193436 yesterday about this but no feedback other than the automated reply. Would reall appreciate if someone could look into that and unblock the bonus package for me - or grant me the bonus once I use the normal reactivation, if that’s possible.

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