Reactivated account (12m promo), but all i got was a mail that subsciption period has ENDED, not STARTED


this is the message i got:

Dear Anarchy Online customer,

We are sending you this mail to notify you that the subscription period for your account ended on July 06, 2018.

Should have started, not ended…
i filed a ticket [Funcom #1079152] two days ago but nothing happended

Could you please have cross-checked that the support team is still trying to resolve the issue?

Fine for me if you need time and the new subscription period starts next week or so
and then lasts for 360 days, i just don´t want to lose time i payed for :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance


I’m so sorry for the confusing experience you had with your account. Our Billing system stumbled into a problem with some of the 12 month special offers. Your account should now correctly reflect your purchased game time.

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Thanks a lot - i can login now.

a few things still missing:

  1. the account status webpage still shows “Account status Cancelled” atm, maybe this will disappear soon?
    the “membership valid until” line shows the correct amount of days…

  2. did i understand wrong that the “12 month subscription with bonus” plan contains funcom 1440 points also? If so, those didn´t show up yet…

A cancelled account only means that you will not be automatically charged for future billing when your existing game time expires. Being cancelled does not interfere with existing game time benefits and will not prevent you from logging into the account. If you’d like to reactivate your account so that you can be automatically charged for game time please go to the account home page and click Reactivate Account, which should be located next to your cancelled status.

The current anniversary offer provides the bonus items instead of Funcom Points.

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