Billed a total of 4 times for sub

I first had a premium not activating on my account problem. I had 3 pending/denied payments back on the 4th of this month. While poking around in my account after seeing in another thread, something about reactivating their account… I saw a tab to reactivate mine. I’m a little fuzzy on what all i did but those pending cleared… But I was charged 3 more time which I really couldn’t afford after I had already made a payment on the 8th.
I have contacted support around a week ago with no response. So I post here in hopes that some action may get done quicker with this new problem. I have sent a reply to first support ticket with how I want those extra payments handled.

Ticket Num. [Funcom #1159909]

Why do people want to buy more sub when the first one doesn’t go through ?
In the grocery, if your credit card is rejected, do you fill a second cart ?


No, but if your card is rejected one might want to try using it again. Same thing here - payment fails, you try again, and then you get this problem because the failed payment blocks later transactions and when the block is removed all the old tries at paying go through at once.

Issue was resolved via ticket system