Payments pending - 2

Made a payment… pending, pending, pending… Made a ticket to support…No answer. Made a second payment…pending, pending, pending…acc is still frozen, money debited from the card only one time. Guys, you don’t really need my money, you just don’t care about this game or you just don’t give a ****?

Having the exact same issue. My account was active, but froze in the renewal cycle where recurring payment got stuck in ‘Pending’ status. I tried to readd my card with a manual renewal but that one also is stuck in ‘Pending’ just the same.

Created a support ticket the other day, still no response to that either. Any help appreciated. Please take my money :money_mouth_face:

I solved my issue. It seems like my account had been frozen at the same rate as the froob accounts, even having a running sub.

I hit it with a visit to /uncancel_sub and account opened again.

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