Pending payment bug

Hi, was trying to re-sub on to see I got double charged and although one payment completed, the other one is in a perpetual pending or failed loop and that being the last payment it makes my account remin frozen.

I know the issue it nothing new, was just curious what I should do other than emailing support and wondering why I even bothered?

you can message Andy B on discord he is the community manager however the payment issues are pretty mismanaged so I feel your pain, the simple solution would be to give the players a good faith ability to unfreeze their own accounts and have them checked for valid payment options, but I have no idea how the people running this game would feel about this.

I’m getting this error as well. I have two linked account. The first one resubbed without problems, but the 2nd one keeps failing. I usually get a prompt from “NemID” when using my CC, where I have to approve the transaction, but this only happened with the first account.

whats his discord