Account frozen, no response,help or resolution from funcom

Exactly what I was trying to avoid in this thread: Proper way to resub? - #3
and it happened anyway.
Some accounts worked fine, some failed. Credit card is fine, tried multiple cards, tried on and

We are sorry but we were unable to process your order. Please contact customer service for further assistance.

Currently stuck on
You have a pending payment
[Click here to complete payment]
Have tried changing payment method, deleting payment method, adding new payment method. Have tried firefox, brave, chrome. Have tried new site and old site. Have tried multiple cards. Have tried paypal. Whatever I do the account is stuck on ‘you have a pending payment’ but it always shows denied, never pending.

Have submitted a ticket as there is no longer anything I can do. I will update the thread as this progresses to help provide others a more successful re-sub method in the future.

Update: 1 week later and all accounts are functional. Appreciate the help in getting this resolved.

Appreciate all the responses and suggestions from the community and via discord.
I have submitted a ticket and am hopeful it can be resolved.

Still unable to process the final account. Still NO response from customer service.

I’m having the same problem

Continuing to wait for an update.

I now have all my accounts resubbed and are working as of today. I had reached out to Andy, Tamtor and Rui via discord, the forums and twitter. Was a lot more work on my end than typical subscription services are, but I’m very grateful that it was handled and I am all set.

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