Frozen Account after Paying for Subcription

Hey guys

I just purchased a new subscription to start playing again. But the payment is showing as pending even though its come out of my account and in the account its saying Frozen / Expired

Raised a ticket but not had any response yet

You can try AndyB on AO discord. he’s been a great help to others in a similar situation, afaik.

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I had the same experience. Still waiting for resolution, but I was contacted by Andy B. Just takes time, it seems (hopefully) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have same thing happen to me paid for 1 account worked fine then other one is pending with payment going thru from bank. So should i just contact support right away or wait and see if that gonna resolve itself?

Edit: Made account to post here with issue but after a day and half payment got approved for some reason so maybe just lucky or something.

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