Didnt see the Special Offers Button


I resubbed for a year on both accounts but didnt use the “Special Offers” button. I didnt see it till after the fact. Can I have the bonus applied to the 2 accounts I resubbed on?

Submit a ticket from your account … I am sure someone will get back to you and help you. Additionally you can contact through the AO official discord. AndyB - Odonoptera has been very helpful.


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Vanyel and I are well-acquainted :slight_smile: Issue should now be resolved.

Hiya. I did the same thing here.
I submitted a ticket to support.
Just to set expectations - Curious as to how long it should take to resolve?


Please message me directly with your ticket number and I can take a look.

I also purchased a year of game time and can’t claim the reward. My payment was stuck in pending hell for at least six hours (it finally processed after I woke up this morning) before it got processed and I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I’ve submitted a petition in game.

Please do not submit in-game petitions for billing issues; please use our e-mail help portal instead at funcom.com/help. Or you can message me directly and I can try to look in to it.

Yeah I figured that out this morning and filed a support ticket.

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Oh, right, hi! Issue should be resolved per the chat we had.

I’m in the same position as Vanyel1970. I resubbed for a year and didn’t see the Special Offers button if I could get some help with that it’d be very appreciated.

Will message ya.

I have also resubbed two accounts for a year but had trouble getting the special offers to appear, I too need help with this.

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