Has anyone been able to use special offer after they closed the window?

I’ve been waiting 24+ hours for reply from support on this issue but I wanted to know if anyone experienced the same issue, closing the special offer window but still wanting to use it… if you encountered this problem how did you resolve it ? surely someone must have walked the same steps I did and ended up frustrated not being able to sub with the rewards.

i had the same issue and am also waiting on a reply from support. Selected paypal initially and decided i’d rather use a card after the preapproval prompt for recurring purchases made me uncomfortable. Simply wanted to use a credit card instead and i couldnt just add new payment details. No longer can choose the special offers.

I did not get a reply but it seems they fixed the issue as I was able to see special offer on my account now, thanks

I’m also experiencing this issue. I was going to get it but decided against it due to lack of funds. I tried again yesterday and now the option is gone. I sent in a ticket hoping that they get back to me regarding this. I tried to use the archived AO site to re-sub since people were having more luck but my payment keeps coming back as failed.

I called my bank and they verified that no payment has been processed from Funcom. Hoping my ticket gets answered so I can find out what’s happening.