Payed account but still frozen

i paid nearly a month ago and still frozen why when u pay for something you should be able to play straight away i sent emails but no reply do i take legal advice or will it ever get turned on

4 days and still no reply to post what a joke

Man I had the same issue with my wife’s account.
It happened because the dam special offers are bugged, even the 1 month one.
If you got a special offer you will see that one goes trough but you have a second payment in pending and acc is frozen because of this.
My solution was simple.
I just payed normally for 1 more month and by miracle the pending offer disappeared the offer was there working and I had 1 extra month along with the offer.
Not the greatest solution…I know since it makes you pay for 1 extra month with no discount or offers from special offers :frowning:
But hey if you don’t mind the extra month this is a quick solution.