I do not wish to hear excuses, fc!

I tried and tried to purchase a special offer full year memebership via the account-management page, which if you haven’t been informed don’t work worth a damn. When it became clear the AM page is fubar I simply upgraded my membership to annual. I fully expect to receive the items the special offer provides. I do not wish to hear any excuses from FC over this, give us what we paid for or ‘Coming Soon’ we will quit AO for the last and final time. And you can shove that hundred where the shine don’t shine!

Which account management page did you use for this? There’s one old that is not in use and a newer one that works :slight_smile:

The newer one does not work properly. 1. Unable to purchase special offer on that page. 2. With each page change I have to login again and again and again, ad nausem. 3. I PAID MY 100 DOLLARS GIVE ME WHAT I PAID FOR!!!

PS FYI you quite often have to use both sites to get anything done properly BTW. Fire the high schoolers and get some real programmers.

What makes you think that anyone from the corporate team is even reading these posts, let alone willing to do anything to fix it?

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I can give my money to Steam instead of Funcom, correct?

I just used the register.funcom site to cancel my accounts. Couldn’t cancel on the other one. Working as Intended I presume???

me angy