Failed payment affecting several customers

I bought some FC points yesterday. Worked fine. Was going to buy some more today, but the payment failed. I tried both in-game and on the website. At least one other player in-game experienced the same problem.

Furthermore I wanted to extend my current membership (which lasts until October this year) with the one-year offer that expires today (the one with free pet and mount). On the account page the pet and mount was added to the in-game item list. But the payment failed. And my account got frozen. Even though I have a running membership that lasts until October… So now my account has been dumbed down from premium to free. And no, there is no issue with my payment option (got enough of money, and it worked fine yesterday).

same problem for me. wanted to buy some fc points with my cc as i did many time before. But the payment is failing every time. if fc dont want my money…fine.

Hey all, sorry to hear of billing and payment issues. We can’t resolve account and billing issues from the forums. You’ll need to contact us at for email support or for chat support during available hours.