Two Issues regarding 2 accounts, Please rectify!

Issue #1 Funcom #1103773 - Last night I bought 3600 Funcom Points split between 2 accounts, The first purchase was for 1200 Points, The payment was approved, the money was removed from my bank account and my points were credited to that account 5 minutes after.

The second purchase was for 2400 points on a different account to do 2 character transfers, Again the payment was approved, the money was removed form my bank account but 19 hours later I still have no points issued and no response to my email ticket…Not pleased to say the least.

Issue #2 Funcom #1103874 - Just before I received an email that my other account was just frozen for a failed payment, I did not understand this since I just unfroze this account on 2-17-2019, I paid 14.95, the payment was approved and the money again removed from my account and my account was reactivated shortly after so therefore it should be good for 1 month right? I also a 2 days after purchased 1 grace and redeemed it on this account in question and that made my membership valid until 4-19-2019 according to my account page…Now the kicker! My account payment says failed payment on 10-3-2018 which was the original date my account was frozen before I reaqctivated it on 2-17-2019, SO WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!?

I’m very sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with some payments on your accounts. We’re working to answer everyone’s email support requests as quickly as we can - a wait time of one or two days is not unusual and should not be any cause for alarm, at the moment. Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated.