Account frozen after buying 6 months Premium Membership

I bought 6 months of premium membership and instead my account gets frozen… also losing my in-game AA leveling benefits due account closure. This is happening constantly, and I’m getting to the point where I would prefer my money back, because no compensation can be provided for my time lost.

The above pictures is more then enough proof. I hope an administrator can solve this… in the meantime I will open a dispute trough Paypal, and see wheter we can come to an agreement there.

Old account page billing system buggy as hell …use new account page as stated by @AndyB in an earlier post

If we are supposed to use the “new” account page and not the old, then why can’t Funcom take a few minutes and just have the “old” do a re-direct to the “new”?

Hi thank you for the reply, yes I did use the new page. But after my issues began I went to the old page to try and ‘‘fix’’ this issue.

I will clarify a few things why I don’t think its necessarily the page thats the issue. Let me start at the beginning…

Last year I came back to the game trough Steam, after my long break from 2008 and I was surprisingly amazed how fun my renewed experience was. So I decided to visit my old account dating back to 2008… After a updating to a premium membership, for some reason Steam could not link the ‘‘played time’’ nor did the overlay work anymore. So the trial account was probably linked to Steam but not my main 2008 account.

After a few months of playing and reaching 80 unconquered, I was satisfied enough, and paused for the rest of the year.
So this year, I came back, and to my surprise my account was suddenly linked to both the trial account I made trough Steam and the OG vanilla one… despite support telling me this was not possible for an older 2008 account. So what changed? I have this odd feeling that these issues connect to Steam accounts.
Because I have never had any issues with Funcom… EVER… and I always used the old page and never used Steam. Problems arised prisicely after I started using this new page.

Now I know, causation=/= correlation… it could just be coincedence. But I figured maybe I should at least attempt to describe my suspicion. But I could be completely off of course.

Ahhh I see …yes the programming of the account page does seem bugged a lot of people are having problems with subbing atm.
Only one or two people are working on this game at the current time (feels like none) try private messaging @AndyB to see if he can help things along :+1:t3:

It’s Funcom we are talking about! They probably don’t know how to :laughing:

I managed to make my account Open status again by ■■■■■■■■ around with the payment options, removing payment options and adding them again and clicking random stuff. Something triggered it to be open again.
Only problem is, now it charged another double 2 months making my membership a total of 8 months, more then I intended. Any way to charge this back? Oh well, the problems just keep piling up…

Paincake and I have taken this to direct messages and we’ll get their issue resolved.

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