New account page interface?


I logged in today to my account via to check and see when my subscription had ended and to see if I could do the special offer only to find that the entire interface has changed. I’m having a hard time now, navigating it and it appears that there is far less information available than there was previously. Is there a reason that this has changed for the worse, or is there an upside that I’m missing? From what I can see, we’re missing:

  • Ability to purchase FC points

  • Ability to purchase GRACE key’s

  • Ability to save our billing and purchase options/recover our previously saved billing and purchase options (Ex. credit card information, etc)

  • Special offers no longer visible from landing page after you click them the first time. Therefore, there’s no way to go back to it after you navigate away from viewing the special offer the first time.

I am especially concerned that our billing information that was previously saved on the account page appears to have gone missing. Has this information been saved somewhere else? Has it been deleted? I’m not a big fan of my billing information going places that I’m not notified about before hand.

Any assistance with these questions would be greatly appreciated.



If i log in the new Account Interface i founf un the right side this


or in the middel of the page i can found this


But the GRACE Key looks like a point thet we really missing

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and if you have still trouble you can use in the meantime it should still works for all the services

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Sorry, but I disagree. I don’t know if you have the same account services due to your position with FC, but purchasing FC points is not available.

Additionally, can you comment on the missing credit card information? As I mentioned, I’m not too keen on my information being transferred elsewhere and not being relayed to me. This makes me incredibly uncomfortable and makes me worry that something was done that wasn’t intended and could potentially have my information in hands that it shouldn’t be.


Ok, now I’m really not happy. I went to re-pay both of my accounts today for the special subscription offer (1 month) and was not able to. 1 went through fine, the 2nd failed despite using the same payment information as the first. I tried using both the old account log in page and the new log in page, and couldn’t get the failed service to go through. Eventually, I logged into the new account page and submitted just a standard request to pay for 1 month and it went through. The problem? THE FUC KING DATE SHOWN ON THE APPROVAL SHOW TOMORROW! IE I CANNOT PLAY THE GAME I JUST PAID FOR UNTIL A DAY LATER DESPITE THE AMOUNT BEING TAKEN FROM MY ACCOUNT TODAY.

I have had a support ticket in since earlier today, but have not heard anything back. However, I want it to be known to whatever inbred idiot of a higher up who thought that the account page needed to be “upgrade” not only failed in their goal (it’s actually much worse), but also caused massive issues with billing for the players (which has resulted in at least 4 people I personally know that I had convinced to play, to change their minds and not play any more), is unappealing and hard to read, and is a all in all cluster fu ck. Find out who made this, and smack them in the mouth hard. I also expect a full refund for my payment that processed on my 2nd account for a day later than it actually took money for.

I mean, seriously, you’ve been in the business for a long a ss time. There’s no reason for this other than stupid people touching things they ought not be touching in the first place, for this to happen. It’s un-excusable, and fu cking stupid. Don’t Fu ck up something good you have going for you by letting the monkeys fling sh it on the shiny toys.


Why don’t people use the page?

I’ve only ever used that site for my account. Why change?

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I would prefer to use that, however, fc changed the default link on to direct you to the new interface, and even then, the implementation of the new new UI deleted all of my payment info on the old UI (or relocated it, I don’t know which because FC won’t answer me) and certain features don’t work either (special offers are buggy).


On the AO launcher, near the top left is an account option. If you use that it will take you to the original account login. That is what I have always used. See if that helps.


my problem is i can login to web but to game server not… haha very funny fc… very funy