Old vs New website for paying the sub


I wonder which account website has less chance to fail the activation of the sub?
Old one https://register.ageofconan.com/account?
New one https://account.ageofconan.com/

What do you use? …help plox

When I subbed in october last year I used the “old” forum. That froze my account and I had to contact a GM. He fixed it, and I got my sub.

When I subbed again for a month in april this year I used the new forum, and it worked fine on first try.

never had any issue with the old website, on 3 different accounts.
never used the newer one.

I would get into the habit of using the new site moving forward, especially for PayPal payments. PayPal won’t work with the old site.

And we’re going to retire the old site sooner rather than later, so please keep that in mind.


So payments will finally be fixed for everyone? :smiley:

Not for subs, but my experience with Funcom points and Steam wallet.

It has been awhile but when I tried using the new site, the link from the game to buy Funcom points with Steam Wallet, it did not work.

After a guildmate suggested I use the old one, it did work and has continued to work at least up until July 2020, the last time I bought Funcom points.


Two functioning or semi- functioning sites leads to confusion, and compounded with the many reports of billing issues, I do not sub at this time.

I would glad sub if there was an option to buy time in game, using Funcom points- even if the price was a little more, if need be. Such as a Hero’s Trove of Time, or some such. I only hope someday we will get that option here.

I didn’t have any issues with the new website for the last couple of years, it even automatically renewed one of my subscriptions. I use PayPal.

Stupid question, but, how do i remove my payment method in the new site ?

In the old site there was an option to remove it, but i do not see it in the new one.

So, does this mean that once i enter my credit card number you are going to sub me forever ?

This could be very well a fraud this way.

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@AndyB sub worked fine, character transfer tho

Help please!

Transfers are not functioning for some folks and this is a known issue.

Is it a dead end or someone from support can fix it for me?

There’s little support can do about the transfers at this moment, I’m sorry. :frowning:

i appreciate the respose, although i have place a ticket to the support with the hope someone can do something in the upcoming week. i realy need to play my hox on Crom man…

Fix everything about our game will ya…

Just cancel your sub, it will not auto renew then. Before your paid gametime runs out and you turn to f2p modus you can purchase additional gametime w/o having to sub. My account says “cancelled will not auto renew”.

Hi Andy,
sorry for a bit offtopic, but how exactly will that happen in practice? I’m asking it from the TSW perspective, since for TSW the https://register. is the only account site (different address, but the same site underneath).

Will it be gone entirely, or you can maybe separate the TSW part of it and keep it open, without the option of handling the related AoC account from there?

Isnt it possible to create a copy of the character, including all gear, inventory, AA, quest status etc on the other server and delete the old character? I’d be willing to pay for the effort if it were a bit more expensive (say 2-3 times the current price)

So sub / payment is still buggy/not working? Well, i dont ant to loose daily logins rewards, so maybe next month…

TSW would be the exception here, as far as I’m aware. At some point in the future, we intend to retire the old AO and AoC register-dot account pages in favor of the newer account-dot sites.

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If there are known issues like Paypal not working (well) with the old site it might be a good idea to place this information on a prominent place like the patcher and the old site itself.
People hesitate to sub even if they would really like to.