Change Payment Method?

I want to use a different credit card than the one currently on file. On the Funcom account page, I’m not seeing the option anywhere to do that.

Under “Manage Payment Options” delete the current credit card. Then select “Manage Payment Options” again and a new menue to add a payment option will show up. Then you can enter the data of your new credit card.

I don’t see “Manage Payment Options” anywhere.

I’m at


Ok, something is seriously screwed up here, Funcom

In the link I gave, I don’t see the option to change credit cards anywhere.

Apparently, there’s a completely different account page accessable at, and then clicking “Account” at the top, which goes to

And that is where I see “Manage Payment Options”

BUT when I click on that, the only option given is “Add new payment option” - when I click that, I get sent to where, once again, there is no option to change my payment method.

Apparently there are two sites now for Account management-
This one is newer and looks better, but has less functionality than the old site.
The old site, as Samsonyte posted
works better for me, and there seems to be more options and ways to manage your account.

I believe that having 2 different sites for account management is what is causing some of the payment problems at Funcom. This really should be addressed by Funcom.

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The 2nd one, yes, appears more functional.

However, for changing credit cards, the 2nd site merely redirects to the 1st site, where the option to change credit cards is seemingly nonexistent. leads to the credit card registration directly (I did not proceed further - did not want to mess up my data …)

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Thank you. That seems to have worked.

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