Update Credit Card?

So my credit card expired. No big deal, just need to go into my account info and update my credit card info. Here’s the problem: https://account.ageofconan.com/ has no place to manage payments. So I log into https://register.ageofconan.com/ and I can delete my old payment methods. Excellent! I delete my old invalid payment method and then click “Add New Payment Option”. It redirects me to https://account.ageofconan.com/ where there is no screen for managing payments!! WTF, how am I supposed to update my credit card info so I can buy things and give Funcom money?

https://register.ageofconan.com/account/paymentoption/ctrl/addnew/ leads to the credit card registration directly. Hope this helps.

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Indeed I was able to add my credit card. Thanks!