Funcom doesnt want money or what?

My premium worked for 1day and then receive an email it was suspended with no reason and an email to contact them.

  • Auto reply “We no longer accept requests for support directly via email. To open a help ticket please go to …”
  • opened a ticket and nothing but still showing on my paypal paiement. If i dont get an answer soon i will use the Paypal dispute and you wont get paied.

Also this caused in-game issues…

  • screw-up timeAA on 2 toons
  • screw-up quests since i exceed the 30 ftp limit but was still able to complet them and now i am unable to abandon them or turn them in.

Please adress billing issues before paying customer decide to leave the game!!!

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I had a similar problem. We were just discussing it here. Buying premium still f2p

Have you visited the old account page( You might be able to fix it from there. If you were double charged, you’ll probably have to open up a ticket or dispute the charge, but I believe that’ll get your account banned.

Here are some other threads with people running into similar issues. You might find something useful in them.


page: register ageofconan com this is where i made the premium subscription and it worked for 1 day and then stopped but paiment is still there on Paypal.

Funcom no need Money, Funcom have 148 Millionen US-Dollar from
Tencent :rofl:

Funcum employees are still celebrating a party

The site is useless at it’s current form. There isn’t even an option to change/delete card information. They totally messed it up. Bring back the old design where we had so many options.

Also, Doesn’t help that Customer care is working slow even for paying customers. I have a billing issue as well for more then 2 weeks now, and no one contacted me yet.

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Do either of those links let you change the payment info? I found it brought up in this thread:

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Sorry, my bad. I was thinking of
Will let you know how it goes.