Subscription and hoards

I just returned to the game after an eternal hiatus. My credit card never worked in this game, but for some reason it took my subscription for a month premium so i could revisit some of my old characters.
The “hoard” rng loot boxes for subbing, when and how are these delivered?

You get one box in your /claims for the whole account for a one month sub

Apparently you get don’t get them unless you specifically choose “Special Offers” on the account page to subscribe. Doing it the regular you don’t get any. Which is fraud in my eyes.


They probably fix if you pettition it?

So, you are corrct. I went back to my account after resubbing and saw the special offer option, so i clicked it and it showed i could purchase it for 0 dollars. I assumed it was because i just picked up the sub so i applied it, amd then was billed for a second month. Ill be creating a ticket for this.

Seems like I made this exact mistake. I thought that just subscribing would automatically grant me that offer but seems like there are two different types of subscriptions going on right now, one where you get the advertised offer and one where you don’t get the offer.
Not sure if that is intended or just a very bad oversight.