Noob question about subscriptions

I’m subbed until the end of December, if I purchase a year long sub, will it add on the time, or over write my previous sub for the month of December?

adds onto what you have already

and when it gets paid you get the 12 months of loyalty rewards too btw

Are you sure about this? Because apparently once you change your membership you have to wait for it to expire then it auto purchases.

Yes, but the way I read his question was whether he was going to lose his one month sub if he bought a year one. And I seem to recall that I got the rewards when I did an annual purchase on top of my old one but that was during one of the promos they used to give.

I have a year long subscription that expires 01/01/19, i was just thinking about renewing early along with my other game subs.

Anubium is correct - if you renew subscription eariler than it’s due date it adds on … so expiry on 1/1/19 if you add a year on today (8.12.18 for me) then the new expiry will be 24/1/20 (my calculation might be a day out but you get the idea…it will NOT be 1/1/20).