Account Subbed Without my Permission?

I have been playing F2P for a couple months. I bought the Funcom points twice for character transfers and getting the Turan content. But I NEVER purchased the Sub as i knew i never wanted it. Yet earlier this month they charged me for a month subscription? WTF Funcom?

I submitted an email to them about 2 weeks ago, still no reply… Ive been seeing on the forums here that replying is taking them months to do, but if your a subscriber they will answer you faster?

Anyways im wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Seems messed they would do this, but at this point seems typical of them now.

if you do not cancel the credit card data between the payment methods, the subscription is automatically credited according to the tacit renewal method

Not exactly : if you don’t CANCEL your subscription, the sub is tacitly renewed if/when a payment option is active.
That means if you only remove the payment option, the sub will reactivate if you add another one.

So if i just put a payment option down but not buy anything, after one pay period they will just automatically charge that card for a sub? Am I getting that right?

Yes you’re getting it right, but if you never got subscribed FC shouldn’t be able to charge you for it… as far as I understand ppl are talking about being premium and cancelling… it’s messed up no matter what, it takes them months to answer so good luck

No you are not getting it right.
If you sub they will charge automaticely after 1 month or 1 year, depending on what you chose. Until you cancel your subscription.
Just putting a payment option into your Account should not start a subscription! If that is what happened to you then something went wrong.

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Not if you have cancelled your subscription or never subscribed.
If you have a pending subscription payment, it will go be paid if you add a payment option.

no pending is required. If he was a premium and did not cancel the subscription the moment he linked a card with enough money, the subtraction of the same number of days/months he had when he was premium is renewed. That has always worked for me!