Premium monthly payment charged without authorization


i am the person with the Funcom Customer ticket o ID Funcom#1108506


I’m waiting for your answer soon

If you did purchase play time last month, funcom still has your credit card info and that charge you every month unless you remove your credit card info.

unless you cancel your subscription, you mean.

Be careful disputing claims like this. Had a friend who did and they banned his account permanetly for “security” reasons

Ya I agree with bloodvax. I’ve had this happen many times. You’ll get no satisfaction

Not really Kantakwa. Although I guess you could say it’s the right thing to do and gives you a legal back up if things go wrong and it does renew.

When you sign up for either a month or year one of the fine print items is ‘you agree to auto-renewal’ or words to that effect.

So to effectively kill any auto-renewals you need to pull your CC info from the system. If it was just a 1 month sub then no need to cancel it as you just let it run out and the no CC info will kill it at the end of that month. For a year I’d say cancelling it/not renewing it and pulling the CC info would be best.

I’ve always done it that way with ALL my games and haven’t ever had a problem.

If you sign up for a subscription to age of Conan you are automatically placed on auto renewal. The only way to prevent this is to go to your account page and cancel your sub before the renewal date.

What @Spreadicus said. Yours is a terrible and wrong advice @Nebless.
AoC runs on a subscription model. That means if you start to subscribe you agree to pay for a certain timeframe and your membership is renewed every time this timeframe runs out, and you are automaticly charged for the next one. Subscribed on a monthly or yearly basis.
Now if you just erase your payment information that does not legaly cancel your contract with Funcom. Your still due to pay actually. Canceling your subscription / membership does cancel your contract.
If you are charged while NOT beeing subscribed it is a mistake, not the way it should work.

I don’t understand what contract you’re referring to on a pay per month basis? That’s why you pay per month, not a contract(I believe the auto renewal it’s a policy not a contract) you are not breaking any contract if after 1 month you don’t wanna be premium anymore. Or if you’re referring to that 1 month period, yes you are correct for that month you do have an agreement for the 30 day period and you can’t cancel. After the 30 day period you’re not obliged to renew your subscription… it’s only for 30 day

Now I do not know what you are talking about :slight_smile: Maybe the german translation is a little bit off…but what I see in the account page is:
12 month premium membership and 1 month premium membership (both memberships will autmomaticly be renewed when they running out).
The third option is to cancel your subscription.
There is not option to just “buy” one month playtime without starting a membership.

Unless you cancel your subscription befor the next renewal you have to pay for the next month or year. Just removing your billing information will not stop the subscription, canceling does. If you just remove your billing information you are creating a conflict.

Typically, if you remove your billing information, when your payed game time expires, your subscription is cancelled. What’s the problem with it? :thinking:

I’m going to go with this. What Spredicus said and what I said are pretty much the same.

A 1 month membership means just that. You’ve paid for 1 month, 30 days period. You haven’t signed up for a years worth of 30 day blocks, just the ONE SINGLE 30 DAY PERIOD. Total different from signing up for a Year Sub.

You’re NOT

YES IT DOES at the end of that 30 days or 1 year, as all you’ve agreed to pay is for a 30 day period or even a 1 year period. All you’ve agreed to is that set time frame and you’re under no obligation to keep it going past that time from.

Now yes the company has an auto-renew policy which benefits them more than you. While you can and should click cancel towards the end of the 30 days to let them know NOT to bill. Pulling your CC info also works. If they can’t bill you for the next 30 days or 1 year, it means you’ve finished the time you wanted and don’t want anymore, thank you kindly.

The only sure way of stopping it is to pull your CC info. Something Funcom themselves have recommended in the past on the old official forums. They have acknowledged the fact that their system does sometimes ‘miss’ the cancel feature and grab additional funds from your CC.

OK this is another one where translating from English to German and back is having problems. When we say buy 1 month of playtime it means 1 month of premium membership, we don’t even have to say it as if you sub for whatever amount of time, it’s a sub, it’s premium membership, it’s a given.

Correct, but not that you HAVE to in that you have a choice in the matter, just that you have to because of the auto-renew feature. You screwed up and will pay for it.

Yes it will at the end of the paid period and as Funcom has said you can pull the CC info in the past it must not cause any conflict and I’m sure as you pay for both the 1 month and the 1 year at the very start, you could probably pull the CC info the very next day and it wouldn’t effect a thing.

I agree with Kantakwa, and it’s very clear to me :

notice the red box I made.

Also cancelling is better than just removing the payment option, because you will have a pending sub that will be billed when you add payment option again if you don’t cancel the subscription in time. that’s the “conflict”.

This is what I can not find anywhere. There is no option to just buy one month. If you buy one month this happens:

  • To avoid interruption of service, membership automatically renews when it expires.

So, how I understand it that if I do NOTHING the membership will automatically renew.
To STOP it from renewing I have to cancel my membership. (Like Spreadacus said, too)
If I only delete billing info (like you said)…that does not stop the membership from renewing.

A subscription is an amount of money that you pay regularly in order to belong to an organization or get a certain service or item.

So to be safe and not sorry I would always recomend to cancel your subscription AND (because it’s Funcom…) delete your billing info. But the first step is what takes their right to even try to bill you legaly away.

@Cappa Thanks, you put it more clearly than I could.

Remove your card in order to avoid paying for subscription.

Lo we gave up a while ago… no point :slight_smile: