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Since I am an non-native English speaker from the Netherlands i am in need on some clarification on what happens when i decide to cancel my account.

My premium membership is valid till 2019-03-06.
When I cancel my account will I lose access completely on that moment?
Or will it become a Free-to-Play membership on that moment (or on 2019-03-06)

I’m sorry for any confusion regarding the functionality of the “cancel” option.

When you cancel your account, you’re only cancelling recurring billing. Any already-paid membership will remain available until it expires naturally. After the already-paid membership is over, your account will revert to free access instead of automatically renewing.

So, if your membership is valid until March 6 and you choose to cancel your account now, you can still log in and play with premium access until March 6, 2019.

After March 6, you would have free access until you choose to reactivate and purchase additional membership to the game.

If you need any direct assistance with your account, please feel free to visit our help website and submit an email support ticket as well:

We’ll be happy to help you further as needed. :cat:

If i cancel it from paypal is the same? Thanks.

Cancelling a PayPal Pre-Approval only cancels payment approval on PayPal’s end. It does not cancel your subscription with Funcom.

While PayPal won’t be able to complete payments until a new pre-approval is completed, if your goal is to cancel recurring billing for your Funcom account, you should cancel your Funcom account specifically.

Thank you for the crystal clear answer.:man_teacher: It brought light :flashlight: into my darkness :man_student:

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So if i cancel from the game the account is still there until it expires the membership, i have only cancelled the auto-payments. But if i cancel the auto-payments from paypal doesn’t it automatically cancel the auto-payment from your side too or i have to cancel them both? I know you gave me an answer but in many games the subscriptions works really different and i want to make sure everything is done fine. Thanks.

No, PayPal does not have the ability to cancel your account with Funcom. PayPal can only stop you from completing further payments with PayPal specifically.

If you want to stop recurring billing for your Funcom account, please be sure you cancel your Funcom subscription through your account management page.

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