Payment system pending payment


Dear Funcom. Could you make a cancel button pending payment?
Your payment system has not changed since the release of the game.
And if the payment failed for some reason, then remove the red sign of the pending payment
can only contact support. In my case
I have not been able to pay for the game for more than a month as I have a pending payment that can not be removed.
All calls to your support service or elsewhere did not succeed.
I still can not pay for the game and have to play on a free account.


same for me, 14 days without an answer


Hello everyone!

There is a way to bypass this “failed payment” thing.

Delete completely your payment option then add it again as a new payment method (it can be the same, it doesn’t matter).

Then click again on “Change membership type” and choose your membership. This will be like a new payment and the “failed” message will become “pending” then more likely “approved” after few minutes.

I did it few times and it worked for me every time. I really hope that it will work for you as well. Good luck!