Payment Pending For Several Days


I attempted to purchase game time several days ago and the payment has been in a pending state this entire time. There is nothing wrong with the payment method used, I was able to make previous Funcom with the same payment method as well.

I’ve opened a support ticket regarding the matter several days ago too, but there has been zero updates. Really not sure why this is pending, can I please get some help with the matter?

Also why would Funcom keep a payment transaction in a pending state for several days, either process it or fail it…

My recommendation would be to join the official Anarchy Online Discord channel where some of the GMs are and ask them

I made 2 payments nad both still pending. The support just sent auto reply. I create a petition ingame they replied that all will be fixed and noone contact me after that. I did first payment on 09.06.2023 and the second on 14.06.2023. I just can figure how it calls correctly when You paying and do not receiving the service: theft or fraud?..

So to follow up…

Funcom was able to resolve the issue, but it took almost two weeks. I will admit that communication for this or any issue was a bit more regular and detailed, specifically regarding the status, but none the less we just need to be a tad bit more patient.

@ salvo, I did follow up on Discord and after speaking with a GM I would not recommend this option and was simply directed to wait for customer service. So overall this was probably just a waste of time for both myself and the GM. In addition to using Discord, it is a 3rd party application and should not be used for handling or communicating payments or payment issues, which makes sense.

Based on my experience my advice is to be patient after opening a ticket regarding payment issues, because there does not seem to be any other straight forward course of action. @ Kievlyanka I hope that your issue is resolved asap and I understand the frustration.

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