Payment pending

How long does it take for a payment from my bank to Funcom to clear ? Like Jesus returning player trying to sub and it’s been pending for 4 days 🤦🏼.

Accounts and billing team on holiday ?

Just take my money Funcom

It depends on the bank and Funcom’s mood. Sometimes instant sometimes it completely fails.

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Check and see if there’s a reactivate account tab or something similar in your account. I had 3 pendings and when looking for a cancel/clear to those pending I saw a tab or two to reactivate my account. And soon after all three pendings were charged. Yes they charged me all together 4 times for 1 month, 3 pending/denied and 1 payment that clear. Starting my own support help soon.

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I think it’s on Funcoms end still pending :weary: trying to get by with my measly 10g :joy: …it will happen one day Iam sure! Cba putting a support ticket in by the time they reply it will be 2022