Payments pending

I subbed on 4 accounts, 2 of them have remained as pending while the other 2 went through almost instantly (all from same card) - support tickets raised but no response - I’d appreciate some Funcom support on this, either cancel my pending so I can try again, or help push the current pending through.

I’ve done this with three accounts. Two go through, one is pending. For the pending one, I changed the payment to another card. It went through. I think it may be a matter of the card flagging the payments as duplicate/multiple charges. It’s a thought. :wink: Good luck!

Ah thanks for the tip, quick question; once you used a separate card, what happened to the pending payment taken on the original card? I can’t see anywhere to cancel the pending and wanna try avoid a double payment :slight_smile:

The payment went through on the new card and the pending payment dropped off.

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