Could somebody briefly outline the basics of how the upcoming Saga server will work for someone who missed the last one?

On last saga a lot of ppl had a lot of chars simply by making another or multiple accounts thus bybassing the idea to get the rewards once… Only downside is subscription is account bound.

They could simply limit how many people you can sign up with. So groups of 2 or 3. Instead of a full 6 PUG stomping and rez farming everyone, it could be groups of 2 or 3 where you can still play with your friends but also face them from time to time

This is correct but it’s funny. It would take twice the effort to level another toon than it would to just fkn PVP!

what`s the point of lvl cap 18? you can hit 18 in 3-4h with +xp potions and 6-8 with no potions on any class. how long will be “for a while”? and how long saga server will be up?

Level cap is actually a very healthy thing. It ensures lot of ppl are in same range so same area and not beeing ganked by 80’s. Also no semi-exploit rushing in leveling which stresses ppl that want to be first. And finally low level pvp makes it easier for everyone to join…


I think lvl18 is more then enough to farm ppl that just out of island gate. as they are only lvl4-6.
so if you know what qsts to do to lvl up quick is “semi-exploit”? omg) I`m “semi-exploiter” :grin:

Vanaheim is definitely not meant as it worked for many in last saga…

there will be a temporary level cap of 18, meaning Tortage will be a madhouse for a while :smiley: ), no RF/WB, leaderboards to track various stats, and we’re planning to hold a dueling tournament at the conclusion of the Saga based on leaderboards. We’re excited and hope you all have fun with the new Saga server.

Have I died and entered Heaven?


I think lvl18 is more then enough to farm ppl that just out of island gate. as they are only lvl4-6.
so if you know what qsts to do to lvl up quick is “semi-exploit”? omg) I`m “semi-exploiter” :grin:

I realize you may have never actually played on a Pvp server by this comment… you can’t PVP right in tortage. The PVP zones are White sands isle. Underhalls, and used to be the acheronian ruins but I think they disabled it for some lame reason. Don’t worry. You’ll be a ripe level before you step foot in a Pvp zone provided you do your quests right.

There was no PvP in Acheronian Ruins until it was enabled on Deathwish/Rage. I assume it will be enabled on Saga as well?

And yep, with night quests and an xp pot you could level to 18 before you ever set foot into a PvP enabled zone if you so desired…

Acheronian Ruins, White Sands, and Tortage Underhalls will all be pvp enabled. You could definitely do night quests to get to 18, but in order to advance the saga quest you will eventually need to kill other players. It’s also advisable to do this because XP gain from other players will be vastly increased.


It’s easy xp, just farm the alt farmer and his alts.

At launch there was indeed PVP in ach ruins. Good times we’re had

I hope there will be several lvl cap, first lvl 18 then maybe lvl 35, then idk Something like lvl 50… To try different combo combination etc… Differents classes shine at different lvl

The cap will start at 18, then go to 30, and then increase by 10 all on a weekly basis. This means that minis will be inclusive of all level ranges on some weeks, and on some weeks the top level will be in its own tier. I’m interested in watching the activity levels and feedback generated by that.

Combined with the vastly increased XP gain, this will funnel all players toward the top of the current tier very quickly. And it should create some interesting competitive gameplay the likes of which the game hasn’t seen in the past. :slight_smile:


this will be trully epic, cant wait for saga to start!

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Will there be group minigame que’s again? Seeing how this is literally the biggest thing that really took a hit on the PVP population.


So how do I create a guild if I’m stuck at level 18 for as long as you guys see fit?

As a guild, we all create toons on the Saga server but we can’t chat with each other on the server if we don’t have a common guild chat window

Can I suggest, if possible, that the level required for creating a guild be dropped to 18 (or less).


No because they don’t know how to remove the queue system as it is or they would have done it by now.

Honestly they should not have a full group que system, pug vs premades is not fun for either team.

They should do 2-3 man groups signing up. Would be nice to be with 1-2 friends on a team, but it would not completely destroy the balance of the minigame groups, especially if other 3-man friend groups also gets put on both teams.


This is probably the case.