Could somebody briefly outline the basics of how the upcoming Saga server will work for someone who missed the last one?


2-3 is fine. We don’t need a full team. Just want to be able to play with friends in an online multiplayer game lol


This server would be a great test case for these mini’s.

Reveal your secrets!

What level will minis start? It will be epic fun to do one at say level 5 fresh from the jungle


You can join minis at level 5, and we did have a sag going within minutes of the server opening in last saga.


Cool. Thanks


The top 4 player killers for each class will qualify for a chance to win an exclusive Cloak, Title, and other fabulous prizes for your class.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

If that’s incentive to play on Saga then it will be dead long before doors to level 80 will open. And than that 4 for each class may be around 50% among those who will stay till end.

Gratz Funcom, you help me make decison to not waste any second on new server.


I see there is going to be PvP festivals every weekend … @AndyB I strongly urge Funcom to enable this at the beginning of the Asia/Oceanic weekend and run through to the end of the European/USA weekend … otherwise the oceanic and Asian community is going get a lot less opportunity to participate each weekend as the Europe/USA weekends start halfway through OUR weekend.
Time zones suck and there is no way around them … more time for USA/Europe starting when many will be at work on Friday is desirable rather than less time for Asia/oceanic due to the festivals starting halfway through our weekends and finishing on a Monday when we are at work.


Since rewards are utterly bad IMO for most long term players the “all time on” pvp event they could have enabled on regular server as well :joy: