Final Reward in Saga of Blood

As last step of blood saga the rewards i see are: one title (Kinslayer); Obsidian Blood of Zath (mount spinder we already got during PvP event on one character); Battlescarred Writ (Imbued Pit Master’s Necklace for your class) and btw Pit Master is the PvE version, is really this the final reward for Saga? A decidedly ugly vanity and a necklace that probably have 90% of the players? I feel a little disappointed with how little effort and work Funcom has spent on this server!

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Read again. Pit master is pvp beast master is pve. Not many have pvp Amulett on pve servers. And most of them have likely farmed their alts :wink:

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Right, I had confused the names (which then the prot PvE is fine even for PvP) remains the bitter disappointment of the saga that has not really brought any news, not even minuscule; there was no work except recycling, copying and pasting and shop!

Purpose of saga was to make some money, get some new players, and most of all have some fun. You cannot pretend they will give you some super items otherwise we will have the PtW alike players who goes around trolling the bar space. Me too i’m a bit disappointed, i expect more PvP and faster levelling, in easy words i expect to get out from saga with a PvP 10 made it not by bori but by PvP raids. Better rewards for minigames and so on. As long saga is fun for me it is fine.

I talk about working behind, I expected the funcom to make some small changes to the mechanics for the new server, even as rewards, I do not speak of super legendary items we are also too much geared on main server and we dont use that gear, cause no new content. But i mean, also some dedicated social objects (social and vanity are really welcome rewards, no need more stat, i am vanity lover), some little mechanics modified how to unlock all the races to all the classes just for this server and allow us to have a UNIQUE character … I do not know anything that makes it look like they have worked!

Was it different in last saga m8? Its one quest… I also would like that saga is a testbed for instance of season specific buffs like 20% run speed or anything more unique than vanilla :sunglasses: and in particular the “quest” (its more of a checklist) could give you more of a theme - by now its really not integrated into anything…

in fact no difference. This is the problem. There was talk of this already in the previous saga and it was hoped that the feedback had been accepted, that he had done some work and instead they did nothing and just was a copy-paste of the other saga, just putting the flag PvP and the shop!

A nice idea would be to give PvP exp on normal quests. We all know bori is PvE, this way when you are bored and there are no player online you can still farm some PvP, better than doing nothing.

considering funcom was handing out t6 gear on the last saga, i was expecting at least one of the new “legendary” weapons upon finishing the quest. since they are only available through shop crates it would have been great opportunity to acquire them in a different way. in conclusion i’m also a bit disappointed in the rewards!


I had a similar hope, on the other hand the objectives of this saga are on the level of challenge of daily rewards so getting a pvp t3 weapons they could equally put it in free claims :joy:

Btw. When does the current Saga end? Pretty sure we had a start and end date announced for the previous saga server.

I just started on the server do you think I have time to complete the quest? I’m currently stuck on the dueling pit arena because everyone is better then me.

Can you guys add another step for like a highlord weapon or something anything really but make it like 25 mini game wins? You made the saga SO easy that the server died in like 2 days after the 80 cap


Practice and hope for some favourable matchups. Took me 4 days and during that time many people capped their quest at my expense, but eventually it happened for me too.

In Saga of Zath it too a group of 24 for the final rewards. For Blood, you could do it solo. I think that was a fail. While I feel the reward was appropriate for the task, I think the goal should have been better AND the reward more.

The purpose of saga was to bring the 1.5 k eos members who didn’t know PvP to the table. They had a good experience and now fury might have more activity. SAGA also proved that the PvP community is more mature then the pve community and has alot to offer. You don’t need funcom to make fun PvP events. Although I’ve seen them do so if the community comes together and asks as a whole. Ponder this !

Remember impromptu duel nights by mussagana?

atleast it would be something you couldn’t complete in 1-2 evenings of play

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I find it funny you actually believe that.

You were right I just kept trying and learned more about my class in the mean time.