Will there be a Saga PvE Server in 2019?

Would like to know if there are any plans for another Saga of Zath server for 2019?

Only 1 suggestion I’d like to put out there if you plan on another server for 2019.

  • No Raid Finder or World Boss on this PvE server this year. Before RF on the last server there were countless 6 mans and raids. Lets keep this going through out the server this time.

God, I hope not. No more Saga servers, develop content for the regular servers!


Stop being Mr. Negative Zaldar :grinning:

I agree, im tired of recycled air-castles, i need proper content, didnt move out from market district in khemi for weeks, first saga was indeed fun. I liked the idea to start over, but I wouldnt want to start over for the second time. It was a fun one time thing.


I think it’d be great if the next saga took those changes you mentioned for PvE, and then funcom took the two sagas (PvE and PvP) and combined them. This would give people raid and PvE content to work through, while simultaneously players could work through PvP content while on raid cooldown or needing a break from PvE.

The other thing this would address is incentivizing continual play on a PvP server. Right now, after you complete saga quest, there’s really no point to continue play on the server if you don’t love PvP. This would alleviate that problem.

I just wish they fixed RF and removed any stat gear or tokens from WB. Perhaps added khitai gear as cosmetics or some stuff. I personally have no use for WB outside of quest. Even vanity gear is pretty garbage.

Tbh screw both. Remove vanity limitations; remove race limitations for classes, or at the very least give us character creator quality customization post creation with ability to swap race (whichever is available for that class) for extra cost. They do this and the game will already be 100% better.

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Remove WB and RF, start banning cheaters and AFK griefers, merge Crom and Fury, no more Sagas, profit.


If there is one it should be a combined pve/pvp server. One that pushes players outside of their comfort zones. It will also be interesting seeing the pve guilds play politics as they vie for alliances and mercenary contracts with the power house pvp guilds for siege events and whatever pvp goals are set. Hoping those pvp goals are substantial enough that will require such community involvement.

But in the end I want some new content.

To be honest, I personally would prefer the removal of cosmetic limitations. In pvp as well. People saiyan that you should see what gear ppl wear in pvp. It’s total BS. I just want those cosmetics fixed lol.

And ofc remove race limitations as well as allow us to have proper customization screen. A bit like in char creation only with classes and gender restricted. That’s all I ask for.

Why should there be cimmerian tempests of set?

It’s kinda stupid question to ask. It’s not like there is 0% chance a Cimmerian could be a ToS, just unlikely. Same with every other combo. I won’t even bother explaining this because it is just so obvious

There still needs to be some race limitations, the Cimmerian ToS mentioned above makes no sense. Then there are other combinations, like Stygian Dark Templar, that really should be doable in game.

It would make no sense if there were no exceptions, but I don’t remember reading anywhere that 100% no Cimmerian would believe in other gods, even set.

Okay, was it just me or did anyone else ever watch this as they use to log in to AoC and say why is that dual wielding class wearing a PvP 1 Tos helm?

Have you seen the class descriptions in the manual from the physical copy of the game? For every class a character is portraied that kinda fits the theme but if you look at the stuff they wear you will notice that not a single representation is “right”, Conq is shown in BS PvP T1 armor, HoX in Demo PvP T1 armor with a dagger and so on.
Obviously it’s just for artistical reasons.

How about to make a new Saga 2019 with the native Age of Conan how it started, before equipment revamp and without expansions and AA?

5 step combos for melee, old ranger system with combos, equipment is less important… but of course also old bugs of the Age of conan of 2008 (I heared there was a bug with gems before?), CC locks in pvp… what do you think? Would this attract old and new players? :slight_smile:

If we were to do that we would also get the lovely memory leaks and BSOD.

Oh the fun times we had back then…

Oooh 1 shot storm crown Tos!

oh those were the fun days Half

Ranger was much more fun then!