Will there be a Saga PvE Server in 2019?


That would be terrible. 1.04 had nice stuff but was overall not very enjoyable.

Anyone remembering it doesn’t really wanna play it, tos aoe oneshotting whole zones with rabbit snares, very fun…


This video was made before launch of the game.
In less than a year even FunCom realized that no self-respecting HoX would ever give up his 2H-sword … even those that were more inclined to use a possession-tree build. :smirk:
So HoX Dagger and Talisman were cut from the game. :upside_down_face:
And with T5 -rune(s) sword-play got a much needed boost. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
This also explains why the T5/T6 sword+amulet bonuses for the HoX are somewhat overpowered. FunCom could not spread bonuses to Dagger+Amulet anymore like for the other Mages :crazy_face:


… behold by the golden coiled-scales of the Old Great Serpent One, be blessed with the Wisdom of Set; I can understand the (Herald of Xotli) loosing faith armed with dagger and talisman, but how about dagger and sword?

It is not so far removed to see a Rogue-Ranger wielding shield and sword or even dagger and sword…I think the implication that a (Herald) should wield only a two-handed edge is underhanded, for even their chaos-deity would surmise arming his legions with dagger and sword and be welcoming for variety and interest.