New Saga is a possible?


New saga is a possible ? I want play on hox (my conq to boring) and i don`t know what to do. Create new char or wait new saga with new cookies ? :slight_smile:

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Please, no more saga servers!


I guess it is possible, funcom got lots of money from both saga servers. It is too early for it to happen yet, since pvp saga has finished not so long ago, but in a few months who knows :slight_smile:


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I hope they do another PvP Saga. Especially level 1-80 was a lot of fun.


soon in 2019 rp-pve saga
2020 rp-pvp saga
2021 erp-pve saga
2022 erp-pvp saga

happy now? :slight_smile:

Already got an Unconquerd HoX at lvl 80? (Without powerleveling ofcourse!) :pleading_face:
My attempts up to now … :broken_heart:

I hope so, because saga makes AoC alive again :partying_face:

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No more f***** sagas


Necromancer only saga with pet build only


Stygian race only Saga!

A personalized saga where you delete all your toons yourself and start over with zero new content… just to buy basic stuff you already own countless times. Oh well, wait, thats too close to a regular saga.

I would rather have a Saga instead of chop chop app that looks like something coded for the C64, only my opinion.

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apart from the fact that in the game there is so much to do, raids T1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 5 and 6. PvP, quests, dozens and dozens of dungeons (like Atzel Fortress and Crow Nests from the old world, up to get to Slightering Chaos) that it is difficult to think of getting to boredom. With that removed, what prevents you from creating a new HOX character, maybe unconquered too? Why you need a Saga?

because - " LFG blablabla 5/6 (AA/EXP/GEAR) - Aztel Fortress " :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: . No bady want see my conq in group or raid (t4+) without gear and AA. Or im just cant find raiding guild

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  1. I don’t seem to see all these aa/exp /gear apart from rare exceptions (atzel, t1, etc often accept players UNDER 80).
    I saw yesterday Full T1 sweep + full T2 sweep without ask AA EXP or Gear
  2. maybe you should look for better gear and do exp (in use your toon), RF offer T4, what you need more? With T4 you can enter in T6
  3. Why you not create your alt HOX but you wait SAGA?

Sagas have accelerated progression. For many players, the least fun part of this game is grinding to accumulate AA and gear just to be competitive. What was so refreshing about the PvP saga was it allowed people to progress at an incredibly fast rate, shifting gameplay focus away from progression and towards just having fun by pvping.

In other words, people wait to make new characters for Saga because they don’t want to be useless for years while monotonously grinding and getting one-shot in PvP.


We’ve had PvE Saga, had PvP Saga… now what is left is Crafting Saga… Is anyone looking forward to that?! :slight_smile:

it took you 11 months to come up with such a comment?
And yes crafting saga coming along with craft revamp is x100 better than farming chaos/onlsaught/rf
Both PvP/PvE saga had their pluses. On PvP we didn`t care about RF at all, on PvE we got those rings for free pretty much :smiley:
if they do saga with both pvp/pve quests(without rf and wb also) it could be a lot of fun

Aa grind maybe???