Saga of Zath Feedback


Still don’t understand why Saga is so popular, it’s just the same old crom, only difference is that things you bought and vet rewards isn’t there, so if you want to lvl faster, you have to buy all that again. So in that sense Funcom made a great work fooling everyone that they have something new to offer. Oh and why did so many wine over Vanaheim, but not this?


Only thing you miss is the mount really. It doesn’t take long to get 1k points for Hub paths and Arsashir and at 1.5k you get all you need. It’s lame that veteran vendors and account wide bags were removed, though.

After the destiny quest your next goal for the quest is the raid finder which doesn’t open for another week, so there’s not really any rush to level. So you don’t need to use the shop.

Vanaheim was sprung on us as an expansion when no one expected it and it was assumed it would be free to subscribers, it was also halfassed content, pretty different thing.


Having done the grind from 75 to 80, could really have benefited from some content there to make that less of a grind.

That aside, feedback wise, I suspect this has been really successful for the game, from the number of store bought outfits I have seen around. However I get the feeling this is a one time kind of deal, I don’t think you will be able to do much in the way of redoing levels 1 to 80 + faction grind etc again. Things start really really well and the level 1 to 55 experience is compelling but towards the end its a massive grind and people just seem to get in grind groups and do circles of mobs. This is sadly not very enjoyable and may make ‘lets do it all again on a new server’ not be met with the desire to grind through it again. So any future ‘events’ either need level synicing to allow more choice at these later levels or using existing characters.

I am wondering what will happen to names when the server gets merged. I get it that someone else will probably have the players name, which is fine if that player is active. However it seems a shame for people to lose their character names to someone that hasn’t logged in for the last 5 years. Are there any plans to do a name purge?


Any plans to give us a additional characterslot on the Saga-Server?

I reached the 80 yesterday and i have to say that i had soo much fun.
There where people everywhere. Every zone is populated and i dont felt lonley anymore while leveling. Forming groups for dungeons while leveling -> no poblem.

This unique leveling-experience should not be limited by that one characterslot.
I would love to try other classes and leveling a second character.
Please, give us the possibility to enjoy the journey to 80 on Zath more than once. Let me leveling more than one character beacuse when Zath will be closed in may it maybe will never be the same. :sob:

Sure, i could create another character on Crom… but that would be not the same…^^


I must admit, with regard to the saga of Zath, that I have appreciated the latter more than I thought, especially thinking that there is no new content in it.
The idea of having all only one character (as was on Rage server), starting from all from zero, all together, the need to do things (HM, dungeons etc.) that on Crom had now become deprecated and useless because of the RF maked them unusefull and most of people dont want join in them.
What I do not like:

  1. The shop, I understand that you have left boost and potions exp, I can understand that they help those who have little time to play and you want gain some extra moneys, I’m fine with this, I like that you have removed the gear T3 PVE and T2 PVP. What I do not like and have put the epic gear 20 and 50, removing in fact the need for many players to play in dungeons. Vanity and cosmetics shops are very welcome (new eyes and skins are amazing). Power shop NO.
  2. You have removed the WB and this is good but you have put on the RF, I fear that from February 12, Zath will become a Crom 2.0 with people 24/24 7/7 in RF, goodbye progression and HM, it will be the death of every content under the T4, again.
  3. The server is in effect a clone of Crom. I would have liked some difference, even if small as the possibility of having a new storyline, I would have preferred that the Zath questline was a Destiny questline (parallel or replacement to the normal Destiny) and not simply the goals that you reach give you items without a minimum text or history.
  4. the rules of the Zath server had to be different but in the end apart from an increase in tokens (+ 100%; + 200%) the server always remains a clone of Crom with the same rules.
    It would have been nice, to have some particular rule that would allow you to have a unique character that maybe you can not create in Crom, I do a trivial example: only Stygian race unlocked (or new race as Zamorian for rest in Zath theme) on Zath themed server and unlock all or almost the classes on that rage, Stygian for example (or Zamorian if new themed race) race (DT , barb etc.), so as to then be able to then have a unique character, like a Stygian (or a Zamorian) barbarian, when this toon will be copied in Crom.


I enjoy doing old dungeons again with less gear, makes some of the content feel fresh again after countless of runs just facerolling it on crom. The success of the server was that you got many old people back. The thing u could have done better was to reduce the grind to 80, you lost many players along the way that would have played it actively if they just got to 80.

Same concept will probably not work unless you come at it from a diffrent angle. My suggestion (something that many people agreed on in the old forums), is to make a raiding realm. Start with some green gear, go trough the lowest 70-80 dungeons to get blue gear, go to T1 raid. But you cant get to T2 before you have X amount of T1 pieces on your char. When u have that, T2 unlocks. It continues like this up to T6.

If you would do this ^, and spam emails out to old customers, tell them to reform their old guilds and join the progression race. Im sure even more people would come back.

Also, you should really do something for the pvp community if there is a next one. Remove gear progression in pvp, make everyone use the same tier of pvpgear and weapons. Then make a leaderboard of diffrent variables. Make lower part of the leaderboard use T1 gear visuals. And the higher you get on the leaderboard, the higher tier visual you wear on your char, for bragging factor. Here u could get use for the pvp t4 visuals that u got ready. Also, how hard can it be to just realese a map? It doesnt have to be polished perfect work. Just take some scrambled map and put a Team deathmatch script in it. :smiley:


I really appreciate all the effort you make to revive the game and make something fresh, all the changes to subs and so on, but I have the same problem - levels 1-20 great, levels 20-30 are quests without voiceacting in my homeland - ok, then going to other provinces - some quests missing because I have high level I guess? so I get only a little xps that way, then impossibility to easily join a group and do group content, so I cannot achieve level 40 and the main quest is for some reason gated behind those milestone levels you are expected to grind for. So I guess again there will be no even level 40 for me :frowning:

So here is my suggestion: is there really some Saga of Zath story or is it just level milestone rewards? Because if not than why not create it with every new time limited Saga of Something server and make a tradition from it? It could help players like me to get over those level gaps and it could make the world more interesting that way - just a story of some warrior or maybe even Conan himself? I mean in a similar way like issues were added to TSW.

And then transfer it from that new saga server to Crom when the limited server ends so my alts can play it.

My complains about AoC are still the same:

  1. first hit kill - it is very annoying to find a boss finally just to sit down next to him because someone else is doing it and he doesn’t look like trying to group for it, so you will have to kill it again anyway - is there any way to make AoC trully MMO experience by sharing exps and loot?
  2. you have a lot of classes and some races in default game - why Funcom has no alt support? Why bother with different classes if it is made painful to play them? Why I cannot give my lucky drop to my alts to help them level up with less dying? is it so terrible for Funcom?
  3. I wish there would be structured RP factions on lower levels (level 30 would be ideal for me), it would tell me that it is an assassin organization quest (because it would be visually under guild quests) and a real questline with dailies after finishing it, not just some random quests which doesn’t continue, because I don’t have a proper level.
    And I wish there would be some cult of priests too and trader guild and so on, not just warriors generally.


There are enough quests at those lower levels that will allow you to level up through here. You just need to find them in the proper zones for those level ranges. It also shouldn’t be very difficult still to find dungeon groups on Saga by just watching General Chat.

There is a bit of ‘alt support’ in some achievements, and with the Vanaheim Faction. This helps reduce grind a bit on alts for a few things. It sure could be a lot better though, but that would take far to much development time.

As for the giving gear to alts, you can do that as long as it isn’t character bound. Plenty of things you get leveling up and playing the game will be Bind on Equip, and thus can be mailed to your alt.


115 t4 relics from 1 raid finder + what i had = 2 big pieces for 25 minutes of no effort.

kinda killed every sense of progression from the last 2 weeks and now who would even bother with hms, which everyone was doing yesterday (hasn’t been that level of groups happening in literally, years).

server felt like a throwback to better times now it’s crom on some fresh alts. as expected, raid finder has ruined what was fun here within hours.


Holy crap that’s a lot. Guess I wasted gold/time buying faction gear…


I think my biggest problem was that a lot of it is group content and that is too hard to do solo for me and I still don’t know how to access areas like Black castle. I didn’t find a way how to travel there fast and group up with other players easily.

But the point was that I really think it would be interesting to have a new story introduced with a new server, on the other hand maybe it wouldn’t look well - it would still be outdated.

and thanks with the mail - I don’t know why I thought it is not possible - maybe it is not possible in SWL.


I’m pretty sure you don’t need to do any of the group quests when leveling. The stuff at the end of Conall’s Valley is the majority of it and can easily be skipped.

For getting to dungeons like Black Castle, there really isn’t any fast options. You simply have to run across the world. If you have your Path of Asura set in a convenient location, you can speed up the trip a lot. But I’ve grouped for quite a few dungeons and we all spend a few minutes running zone to zone to get there.

As for new story, we would all love that, but it takes far more development time than Funcom wants to commit to.

When Funcom converted TSW to SWL, they removed many good features like the mailing of items, or trading currency. All in an effort to try and get you to spend more money.


Re: finding areas to level up near level 40.
I’ve found most of the 20-40 zones have some higher level quests that do not need lower level pre-quests. But even if you do have to randomly talk to everyone who will answer you to get the lower level chain quest they will still give you some experience points and you can complete them very quickly due to your higher level in order to get to more level appropriate quests
Also try heading to the Tarantia Noble District …my level 39 character can get quests there. Also have a look at field of the dead.
When quests dry up and you are close to the next questing zone range pop in to see if anything is available.

In most zones (except Khopshef Province where Black Castle is located) there are local travellers you can pay some ingame coin to for porting to different map areas. Buy wagoner maps from NPC next to them for a fast travel option back to a local traveller.
Additionally you can use the teleport tokens to direct port to set locations … on Saga you will get a few of these from the daily login reward calendar. Or buy from the ingame shop I guess. (Premium on Crom and Fury can claim them each month from loyality menu in the ingame shop)


Great Having tons of fun. Lag at time bites really hard. usually come when doing solo/6 man places too worst times too. But I am glad I have level & 80.


Not enjoying the downloads, each time a saga server will start; it is off for 2 hour, one day, now another, lag, which I not experience on Crom is happening in Saga.

Is it worth it?


Worth is very depended on the individual. It is worth it for many people. But for you, only you can decide if the fun of playing is worth it.


I really like the the idea of the limited time server. I am having fun again playing the game.

There are however I few things that might be made available for veteran players next time.

For me that would be some items buyable with vet points like a limited number of paths (hubs would be nice).
Limit buys to consumbale/pets of mundane quality and a maximum cost of 8 veteran points would achieve that and enable a few other “nice to have” without giving to much advantage to vet’s.
Also I have items on claim that I would have liked while travelling like a bag of abundance (holding, mammoth/rhino rider), the Brown Riding Camel and my Loyal Kappa.

For Vets that want to stand out from the crowd, claiming things like the Conan’s Blademaster set would be nice.


I like the idea of a temp-server but would like to see the next one oriented towards completing six mans because there are many beautiful and fun instances in the game that largely get ignored on Crom.


Having played since May 2008 I have many level 80 characters so was initially sceptical.
But as a solo player not into big guilds, PVP or raids, I took this as an opportunity to try grouping and raids on a server where it was a level playing field. Levelling up to 80 was great and the game felt busy and alive again, all those open world zones were no longer empty.
Next raid finder to learn the mechanics and become familiar with how it’s done before trying a real raid.
I looked up where raid finder would be and read up on how to fight that dungeon, as I didn’t want to be a liability as a noob in this area of the game.

It was at this point it all turned sour. Raid finder was 24 non communicating people doing the WB thing in a dungeon. It was as if they were deliberately trying to get wiped over and over, the make up of the team was changing every five minutes, and nobody accepted a rez.

I asked if there was a plan and has anyone done this before, and within a minute I was out of RF.

This was horrible. There are posts om here that say people should use Raid Finder to learn but they don’t. Well I wanted to use it to learn, but there is no choice, you sign up and get dumped into this, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Therefore I won’t be getting a T6 weapon or the necklace, as I am never going to use RF ever again. This is no learning area, it looks like some game mechanism is being exploited to me.

I have just found a FunCom Twitch post where some devs were in RF and one commented that “sadly this is what RF has become these days”. Wish I had seen this before I went.

So if you are ever going to do something similar in the future please keep RF out of it as you did with the Word Boss. I now understand and fully agree with those who believe it should be removed from the game altogether.


I’m afraid Raid Finder is here to stay, which is a shame because it (along with World Boss) are probably the most hated game activities in recent AoC history.

The Raid Finder and World Boss concepts could have been much better implemented, and used to tie with other facets of the game, but instead both have for the most part wiped out T1-T4 raiding. For those that still want to get rings/gems on their toons, it has become a once a week chore, which can range from moderately tolerable all the way to living hell, depending on the luck of the draw you get with your fellow raid finder participants.