How many will complete Saga before it ends?

It seems to me that a large portion of the population on Saga has completed everything to get the T6 weapon. I know of many that are working on a second or even third account. The people that I see struggling with completing are those that don’t really put in the effort (Not geared, don’t have the AA’s for T 3.5 and T4). I know of a few that because of the time zone they are in, they have a hard time finding a PUG, but not many.

I think the question you asked was already self answered.

As many who put in the effort :stuck_out_tongue:

I had set my goal at hitting lvl 80 and probably doing a RF and that’s would be it as I don’t raid. Only problem is I 'm finding it harder and harder to log in to do so. Early burnout I guess as I’m just not used to playing at this speed.

I took 5 years to hit 80 the first time and a full year with my 2nd character. Prior to Saga my highest alt was only 41 after 6 months. I find I’m blowing by so much content in Saga that alot of the fun factor has fallen by the wayside as it’s all about the XP this time around.

5 years to hit level 80?? How is that even possible? You must have not really played at all for long stretches
of time. and even when you did play was was it only for 20 min at a time?

Well not 20min at a time, but the long dead time yes. I started out with a sub par computer and a sub back when that was the only option. Stopped playing for maybe 2 years until it went F2p and I had a better computer. But even then I never did grind, would play a couple of hours 2 times a week for fun. Just did my own thing, hitting lvl 80 was never a goal for me.

As many as puts in the effort and finds 23 other committed players who also put in the effort. It’s incredible how elitest you all sound… and that’s without effort. So simple isn’t it, because you have done it. It sums up Saga wonderfully.

What is so elitist about completing nerfed versions of raids that have been in game for 6 years?


Oh it’s all about looking down on others, doesn’t matter about the content. The important thing is to make out that all others that don’t complete it… it’s their fault. Us and them… that’s what I mean.

I am so sick and tired about this complaints, putting everyone into one of two categories: The bad elitist veterans (who are elitist by your definition because they can pug 6 years old raids) on the one side, and the struggeling, friendly, poor newbies on the other side.
Guess what: That is BS!
First of all: The veterans lead the raids in which newbies complete the Saga-Quest. The veterans need the newbies so they get new people to play with.
Second: There are almost as many different types of veterans and newbies as there are players. Elitists veterans who do not want to explain a raid, dungeon or class, veterans who do nothing else than explaining raids, dungeons and classes, newbies who seek out for raidforces and guilds and who are interested in learning, newbies who do not want to hear any tips because “that is how I play”, veterans who only play to T2, newbies who finish the Saga-Quest after 2 weeks, veterans who suck at playing, newbies who shine at playing, newbies who think they are entitled to get T6 weapons handed to them just because they bother to play the game, veterans who think the same.
Third: Every veteran was a newbie once, every newbie can become a veteran pretty fast.

You have to socialize, if you want to do raids.

From my expirience (in this game and just in life generally) most people (“veterans”) are happy to share their knowledge, they are even proud of it. Of course it is harder to ask for help than to help someone, but is up to every single person how he or she approaches this matters.
@byrnensorg, I feel sorry for you if you do not find a raid or guild or group ingame, in your timezone and doing the content you want to do, I see that this can be a problem for a new player nowadays with not many guilds to choose from, if you can even find them. But the only solution will be to keep looking, and asking people you meet and who seem friendly.

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wait… are you actually telling me what life is like, from your experience, and are you informing me I must socialise also.

Now this is a genuine question based upon your sage advice…

  • How old do you think I am? also
  • how long do you think I’ve been playing this?

I’m touched that you feel sorry for me, but how can you not see, your post, your attitude your… well everything is not elitest and condescending.

You obviously see some truth in what I say otherwise you would not have reacted the way you did and indeed speaking for ALL veterans as you did also, which I am sure they are grateful.

Bottom line, you call everyone “elitist” (which is a bad thing, apperiantly?) who understands the difference between a reward and a participation token. This is something a four year old can perfectly understand.
It is very condescending to put everyone in one of two categories as you do. I did explain the exact opposite mindset.
I do not think you played very long, seeing that you think that completing content that is on farm status and pugged for years now is a hard thing to do. I also see you get all sassy when I tell you the very simple solutions to the problem of not finding a way to complete the Saga Quest - but at the same time you say it is too hard for new players to do so? You are getting sarcastic about what a “condescending” advice I gave, but at the same time you say new players are not capeable of knowing those things just like you do? How condescending is that about new players? They are too stupid to know that? Following your own logic it is of course everyones own fault who does not do what is required to get the reward. You do not play - you do not get rewards. Whats the point in discussing this?

Who has an attitude now :smile: ?

So as @Zaldar said, if you complete nerfed content you are elitist?? That just seems like give me a participation trophy please comment.

I’m sure @zaldar did not complete the content, nerfed or otherwise alone. They obviously had a good guild and good players in it to support their way right to the end. The elitest part is assuming everyone else has, Alternatively, if they couldn’t complete the content there must be something quintessentially wrong with their play style. That’s what I meant anyhoo.

@byrnensorg actually you are incorrect… He is in my guild and we killed Ethram on Saga.

what are you referring to that I am incorrect on?

You stated @Zaldar did not complete the content. I just said he did, since I was in all the raids he was in.

No one here has questioned anyone’s playstyle on this thread, except for mentioning gear and aa and effort. But this saga was based on raiding, and progression raiding.

This alone says that if you want the shinies that you have to be at least somewhat willing to play with other people and join the raids to complete the content.

The last time I played this game heavily I was a mostly solo player because I play with a phyiscal disability and I get embarrassed if I accidentally cause a wipe or something. When this server came out I saw this as a chance to build up my confidence and to learn things that I would otherwise not be able to learn. This meant going well out of my comfort zone. Translation= I put the effort into it. And guess what? It worked. I found a cool place that taught me instances and helped me grow as a player.

If this makes me an elitist for suggesting that other people go out of their comfort zone and put in effort to try to find a place that will teach them, etc, then I guess oh well.

Veterans can only do so much if people are unwilling to learn things.

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I stated

My very point is he needed a good team to do it!!!

To even suggest that one would solo a raid is beyond a logical argument… My head hurts thinking you implied he did raids alone… But ok…

I could have done T6 alone, but felt sorry for my other guildies so decided to carry them along…