So, how many players are still active?

I played this back in 2011 or so, and I want to return. But I’d like to know also, how many players are on, daily.

Thank you.


Less than half of the population back in 2011. Saga is where the most PvP happens right now, but that server will end soon, and its characters will be transferred to Fury. Before Saga started, there were more people in Crom, the PvE server, even “Furians” who transfered there. I don’t know how the population will be split after Saga, but it’s definitely way lower than years ago.

Not many,in US time nothing happens,EU just rf and chaos,thats it,pretty much game dead.

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its hard to say how many that are active since there are no numbers combining steam + ppl without steam. I think i counted around 500-600 at peak couple weeks ago ingame at the same time.

If that’s accurate, it is way more than I thought.

Game is only a money catcher(saga server) for other games. They don’t update it, they don’t fix bugs since years.

I can’t say anything about the player numbers (because as Moriala said, there is no clear counter) but if you decide to play the game I suggest you to join one of the big guilds if you want to do lots of group content.
What @onepotatotwopotato said is sadly pretty accurate if you don’t have any guild, the global chat can look really dead and, if alive, very repetitive (Chaos / WB / RF spam). Though I haven’t played for 3 or 4 weeks now and I don’t know if that changed in any way during that time.

There are still guilds doing t5 and t6 you just don’t see many pugs. The most active time seems to be early in the day for US time: after about 5 pm PST things slow way down

I do see wing3 tier3 3.5 and off and on t4 pugs advertised as well as chaos and some sixies

mostly depends on the time of day: saga is doing a tournament thing right now so that likely draws off some of the crowd

I have seen more people levelling than I have for awhile. Some zones have people competing over kills and quests. I think sometimes as an longtime lvl 80 people may not see the world unless they are leveling themselves. Maybe it’s harder these days to fill a raid and we definitely could use more players but I don’t see a game that is dead.

Somebody get Yondaime. We need accurate figures ASAP!

The game isn’t “dead” but it sure isn’t doing that well either. If you play during EU times, it can be ok but US time is pretty empty. In either case, you really should join a large active guild so things will seem busier to you.

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Keep in mind the game works this way now, forget about the pugs, get to level 80 and start to farm the RF, do some 6 men instances, usually it is monapalace and chaos, once you are half way to be a full T4 join a guild and start to raid with them. The server population is really low compared to before but guild raids and few instances are still there.