New players is not gonna get t6 weapons

i think its kinda sad that you guys made the quest hard for new player, to kill all the raid bosses to get the t6 weapon. who can kill all the bosses when thay know no player from crom or fury. this quest is like made for ppl from crom that have a raiding guild and know players that can take them there.
t2, t3, t3,5 t4. its tactics on most of the bosses and new player dont know ■■■■ about it so why wil ppl carry them tru a raid?, its kinda bad.


When Saga server wraps up in May, I’d love to see statistics on how many toons were created, how many of those toons made it to 80, then how many were able to complete the Saga questline.


You might still be thinking about the old T3.5 and T4. The T3.5 and T4 currently in game are very nerfed and offer little challenge anymore for the raiding guilds you mention. Those raiding guilds cleared those instances the week they had over 20 people at level 80. Sure there are tactics but they are very basic and only few are so important that they can wipe you. None of the fights require a lot of gear, high dps, extreme coordination or fast reaction times. With a bit of practice anyone can learn them.

In a month or two when there are enough non-experienced raiders on Saga with decent gear I’m sure there can be pugs (hosted by guilds or experienced raidleaders) killing T3.5 and T4. I know on Crom before Saga server there were regular succesful T3.5 pugs and occasional T4 pugs, some even before T4 got nerfed!

The rewards are the strongest pve weapons in game after all. They should not be completely free as that would kill all sense of achievement.


What a Edited by Anzu: That won’t do. Be more civil towards the other players. post, they are the best weapons in the game that drop from the end game content and all you have to do is manage to do 4 easy raids (the 2 harder ones aren’t included) in 3 months and you’ve been given free loot by way of raid finder to be overpowered for it.

So people REALLLY want everything handed to them for free instead of working on it? wanna know how to get the weapons? join guild, gear up in khitai, get on comms, learn tacts, kill bosses. MORE than enough time to do it u know? tbh saga quest should end when t5 kyllikki dies, not t4…


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If you don’t manage to kill T4 you have absolutly not legitimation for having T6 Weapons!

It’s already quite handed out for free, as mentioned before by others, you don’t even have to go T5 or T6 to get 2 times free T6 Weapons, which others had to raid T6 for months or years.

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Admitting for a second that the new players will not be able to take the T6 weapon (and we are talking about really powerful and rare weapons also on Crom where the minorities are the guilds able to complete a whole T6).
In any normal MMORPG, and AoC it was when I started, before this madness, when you get to the cap you’re dressed in green (blue if you’re lucky) and you start at that point working for your epic gear.
Get a complete T4 armor in easy raidfinder, get for free (as if it were in claim) a whole T1 set including weapons, an expensive T4 coat and a T6 necklace is not enough?
In addition, the Raidfander were designed to create a safe environment in which new players could learn tactics.
The RFs are up from two years, although they were designed to teach tactics, because they occasionally drop some relic IV people do nothing but remain entrenched there, 24/24 7/7, in fact from February 12 the activity on the Saga died as on Crom.
Do you still speak to me of “unknown” tactics?
The new players, if they wanted their sparkling weapon, could use the RF to learn tactics instead of just charging anything breath as zombies brainless, hoping others would work for them, and begging for anything as if it were due!
What about the T7? Directly in claim? … nono too hard write /claim, better if some GM adds it directly to the characters and maybe he puts it directly weared on the character, it could be complicated all that click-click on so many items in the inventory

As a new player I really do not care that much.

Dunno how other guilds but it seems like If I wanted to finish the whole questline. I could. Guildies are on the way there.

Really all I care is some nice exclusive vanity stuff and you get just by getting to level 80.

Have people ever thought that maybe not everyone is meant to have the best stuff?

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I haven’t had any issues so far with the Saga questline and I am relatively new to the game (I played for about a month at launch and just came back for saga server). In fact most guilds that are serious about progressing are more than happy to teach new and returning players-- you just have to show you have the ability to learn.

I would suggest for OP to find a nice guild who wlll teach them. There are three months left and I’m certain many guilds will stay for the entire duration and will also help the guildless/smaller guilds out.

They’ve got 2 months still to do it, and a # of guilds have already done it. One was in global pugging some spots out to do it last night. Not sure what the problem could be.

The problem is some have only been at this game for a short time. It’s easy to lose sight of how in-depth this game is when one is a level 10 pvp pro who has done it all.

I think it was way too much to ask beginners to catch up on what is effectively 3-4 years of dungeon experience, add ons and then to develop raid strategies with an already cliquey established set of guilds who want only players who somehow are experts from the beginning… that is the problem!

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I don’t think it should be easy to get the T6- but not impossible. Unless you are in a raiding guild with heaps of experience willing to take someone without full AAs, exp, voice chat, T4 or better you have little chance. The confusion about how to finish saga didn’t help either. Many raced to 80 only to find out it will be impossbile

I have the feeling that a lot of people think that just because they played a character on the Saga Server and got to level 80 they are entitled to get a T6 weapon.

The raids you need to do for the quest are easy, sure, they might take some time for people who are doing this for the first time but it is by no means “impossible”. Getting AA points even without premium is really easy if you dedicate at least some time to farm that stuff in dungeons with groups, there you also get your first few gear sets so you can attend in high tier raids.

All it takes to beat the saga questline is time investment, the raids you need to do got heavily nerfed and have become really easy, of course there are still a few “hard” bosses (Zaal in T3.5 for example) that may be a challange but they are not impossible to beat. Don’t give up after the first wipe, people before were trying on these bosses for hours too when the tactics were completely unknown to anybody and not easily accessible on YouTube or somewhere else. And of course you need to prepare for the raids, you can’t just jump into T4 raids with your first level 80 character ever.

There are so many raids out there that take like 12/24 people with them that have never seen a raid instance from inside and they still manage to kill the bosses, I got my T6 weapon 2 weeks ago and I am still helping in these raids so others can complete their quest, we manage to kill all the bosses every time and always have new people with us.

Join a guild if you want, there are so many big guilds that sometimes have multiple raids running at the same time, they got lots of experienced players that can teach you tactics and things you need to do. If you don’t want to be in a guild you might have a harder time getting into a raid but it’s still not impossible: make friends with people you meet in groups, talk to them and maybe they still need someone to fill a spot in their raid so you can fulfill this role.

AoC is a MMORPG, at some point you need to cooperate with other players to attain a goal, not everything can be done by solo-rushing through it.

Can I ask Force just how long you have been playing AOC? Many of us have been playing for some time on Crom, quite a few know tactics of various raids and many again opted not to do raids, however we have cooperated in many other ways throughout the “years” in my case.

I have a feeling that all this saga of zath did is to widen the chasm between the highly active players and the passive players and to have one look down on the other, yet without the both we would not have a game at all.

I am sure many would deny that we are entitled to a t6 weapon, however, I don’t think it is fair that only the highly active players get rewarded especially as all players do not have an over abundance of time with which to spend on such endeavours, should they then be cast aside with nothing, just so some can gloat and moralise almost like using such terms as work and you shall prosper, seek and you shall find.

The question of entitlement is a very good question for life and should be examined at length but this is a game! and one where most players here have contributed to at one point or another both in subs and shop and they are every bit entitled to a reward as you are.

Sometimes I wonder that it’s not about getting a t6 as a reward but maintaining the system whereby others are denied it, so that one can feel better about oneself.

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Quite frankly in my view, the tier 6 weapons are the BIG CARROT that Funcom put in to pull the majority of current players across to a new server …if the rewards were minimal then why would people who can clear t3.5, t4, t5, t6 even bother to restart a character again…

Also, Funcom needed to make the goals something that will keep people playing for a longer time on the temporary server or it would become deserted as soon as people achieve the final goals … so if they gave the big reward simply for say x hours logged in or x level achieved, the server would die very quickly.

In addition, for the newer/less experienced people Funcom put in rewards at level 80 that do not require an enormous time sink to get - complete tier 1 armour as soon as you reach level 80 … that itself for a new player would take several weeks to obtain on Crom.
Completing their destiny quest which may take a new player who is finding their way around more time than an experienced player - so say 3 hours? Solo play…
And then completing one raid finder …again depending when they play (ie how frequently they spawn and how fast they get completed) may take 2 hrs? 4 hrs? a couple of sessions to complete
= those two things give a Tier 4 cloak = again something that can take weeks to months for a new player to get as they get geared ready for MC/entity raids or gather tokens from raid finder
AND also a Tier 6 necklace = also something that would take months to get as they gear themselves out in Tier 4 and unchained items to be ready for a tier 6 raid…IF they can even get into a tier 6 raid force - which for some is impossible as they play outside of European and USA main raiding time…
So new players or less active players are NOT walking away with “nothing”…
And well if someone doesn’t even get to 80 … they can still continue to play and achieve some or all these things on Crom later - it will take more time for sure …and yes maybe never achievable if you can’t find a tier 6 raiding guild …but you can really enjoy the game and do lots of things without tier 6 weapons…

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Fun fact, there is no content where you need t5-6 gear or the weapons, to properly do every boss in game all you need is t4 set + weapons, no clue what the fuss is about someone not getting quest done :wink:

What is the meaning of rewards if theres no “work” behind it? And when I say work, Im not speaking of throwing wallets at FC. Whats the reason for tier systems on rewards if the difficulty of the work doesnt differ?

Like delred said, you can do everything ingame with t4 gear since the stats doesnt differ especially. With this knowledge, why is it so important for you to have the highest tier gear?

Let’s get things in perspective it’s one t6 weapon and as many said it’s not going to make that much advantage to anyone, so isn’t it largely a symbolic reward. I mean we are not talking of nerfing the whole game to make AOC into a socialist idyll,

I would simply like to see everyone get a fair crack at the reward for this special event, after all Funcom don’t create a server for such purpose every day. It does not have to be a turning point in human evolution it’s simply a symbolic rewards as I see it.

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