This is a joke?

“Thanks” for forcing us to go to the volcano to create composite obsidian, now some of us can not go because other clans have closed the way with walls to protect themselves, they say.
It is absurd that you oblige anyone to have to go to the volcano, this game every day gives more disgust, for that I paid for it, for you to destroy it?


Then play single player or on another server. No one is forcing you to stay on your current server.

Also, obsidian items are nice, but none of them are must have. You can do just as well with other materials. Yes they are a journey but you can max your level without completing every journey as well.

So I’m having trouble understanding why you view obsidian as an obligation you must do.

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many ways lead into the volcano…

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Ally with the remaining players and destroy them, or make a deal with the clan.

Are we talking about the entire volcano or just the Well of Skelos? There are many ways into the volcano and wall-off, defend and maintain all of them is demanding. In terms of weapons and tools you have no reason to go there. You can build star metal, black ice and acheronian tools and weapons which are very good and sometimes have the same values as obsidian gear. If you can get on top of the Well of Skelos, there is a lore stone which teaches the Serpent-man weapon recipes. If you can, you should get these because they are unparalleled in terms of efficiency. They are only slightly weaker than star metal or obsidian but only needs iron (!) to repair.
Altogether, there is only one serious reason to get into the volcano and that is gold. If you want to craft epic armor you will need it. But even though you might not get into it, there are some obsidian nodes at the way to it.


is that it is not logical that in a server PVE these things can be done to block common areas, nobody can take ownership of sites that are for everyone’s use such as ovens or obelisks
the obelisk of the volcano is totally and completely closed with walls and doors, it is impossible to use it as you can not go to the oven to make composite obsidian because all the accesses are blocked as well.
This situation is inadmissible in a server pve, I’ve been playing with my clan since the game went on sale and now a clan that has been a short time has closed many common access to keep everything, the game is everyone and we have all paid for can play and because of this situation I can not do according to what things

Composite obsidian can only be created in the volcano furnace, nothing more.


Well, on a PvE server you are right. But in the patch currently on testlive there were multiple areas in volcano and especially in the volcano dungeon (volcano forge) changed so that you cannot build there anymore. Unfortunately, this won’t destroy existing buildings. Funcom takes measures against such reckless behavior but form your telling I would swap the server. This is more an issue of gamers than the game itself. :roll_eyes:

There are many nice well moderated private server with all kinds of settings. You will be very fine there, belief me.

after months playing on ps4 with everything I have I do not have to go to another server being in an official one just because the programmers are not able to see their failures, obviously they are not players that is clear, if they had to suffer these disastrous changes sure they would get tired of the game
There is no place to report these things?


Thats the problem on PvE, if you can’t destroy a building you’re screwed, and even if they restrict that area for “can’t build here”, they would find another place to block the way, palyers are like this,there will be always this kind of people in online games, their maximum satisfation is to annoy you, and if you choose to play a survival game on a pve server you must get over it, because Devs are not going to fix this (I really would like to be wrong).

Thats why I play on PVP servers, one is being annoying and a pain in the ■■■ doing this kind of stuff? BOOOOOMMMM ! one of the coolest effects in the game are explosions :smiley:

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For that reason the fault is of the programmers for not avoiding this bulliying that could be solved perfectly canceling the possibility of building in certain emblematic areas of the game so that some players do not bother the rest, apart from that they are forcing everyone to have to do that they want to go to the volcano, the only place where you can get the necessary obsidian needed to replenish tools and other things.
this is simply an abuse and a huge annoyance for all players, in pvp servers will be battles in that area to control it, something quite stupid just to please these useless programmers


Blocking access to the only source of a resource is a good way to get everybody who is not you to gang up against you just to open the way and allow them to farm the resource. On my server one clan blocked the path down to gorilla city from the obelisk… that got them raided off the server by 4 clans at once.

I’m talking about a PVE server that also has very few active players, there are no options for alliances with anyone, this is exactly the same as if the thugs in your neighborhood want to beat you up every day just because they want and nobody can help you.


Public Maprooms

Skelos Grappling.

Central European servers FTW. This is what happens when you have more engineers than kids on the server.

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The same thing was happening on my PVE server, you just need some patience. They will get bored and leave unless they know they are having an effect on other players.
I’ve just spent three days disassembling their decayed bases and never have to farm materials again. I now have thousands of demon blood, brimstone, hardened steel and oil. Not to mention hundreds of bombs, orbs and steelfire.
Time is a great equaliser.


not everyone gets bored, and patience when you can not get certain materials is over, you can not close places of common use just to be used by a single clan, that should be penalized in PVE servers, it’s as simple as preventing the Construction in certain areas, in the volcano before could not be built, one day suddenly if possible.


They would literally have to make it so that you couldn’t build anywhere on the map then. Sheesh. Welcome to online video games, bud.

It seems to me that you do not understand the difference between a common area like the monoliths and the specific ovens in the game like the one that creates composite obsidian that you can only create in that place with what is the rest of the map that everyone does what want in them.
Do you understand the concept of bulliying ?, Well, it is just this but digitally.

No man. They will literally just build around it. They will always follow the edge of the radius of no build allow and build to block. Did they block the way into the volcano or the well of skelos as well? Cause there are tons of entrances to the volcano. It’s possible though.

It is a losing battle unless you are on a pvp server or unofficial that have active moderators to do it. It isn’t because the programmers failed, the whole point of the game was you could literally build anywhere. They even give you the tools to remove bases that are in your way. Explosive Jars, Trebs, Orbs and Gods. It’s unfortunate that this is happening but you signed yourself up willingly for stuff like this to happen by playing on a PVE server. It’s bound to happen.

EDIT: there are tons of pretty cool PVE unofficial servers though. I know it would suck to have to start over but you can find a PVE server that has maybe 2 or 4 times harvest rate and a craft rate speed increase. Nothing crazy and nothing to make it feel like it is cheating but enough to make the grind less of a drag. Then you know the admins will keep people from doing stuff like that. I know several that do not allow any structures allowed outside of noob area unless it is t2 or higher. They are out there. And there is alot of them. Funcom can’t control the individuals who play and if they changed the rules it would be unfair for the majority of us who do play considerately but still would like to build in cool places. Like the volcano.

Another edit as well just thought of it. Fight back. Fire with fire. Go around and just start placing sandstone foundations every where. Block off the brimstone in shattered springs. Go build all the way down the godsclaw and over by relic hunters for the silver and iron. Start carving off sections of resource so they don’t do anything either. And then demand the unblocking of the volcano or deal with having no brim, iron, stone or silver.

Human beings are stupid even in games, always looking for something that others and fights, is a damn game, nothing more.
I repeat, the option of building near important public elements should be nullified, and inside the volcano before things were destroyed only by heat, now because it is allowed?
Play and let play on servers PVE, if you want fights you go to a PVP and there you do what you want but not, in the end what some want is to exercise their will and step on the rest just because they can, small trash people .

This is spot on. The T4 Blacksmith (in volcano)… which is super easy to get, can make me hardened steel weapons that are flawless that are better than my Epic Star Metal ones! Waaaay easier to repair also. (No waiting for stupid meteors or jumping along sheer cliffs to try and blow a meteor up). Honestly… I just like having different recipes for collection purposes and looks. Also, find the hidden path behind the upper area of the Black Keep into the volcano. Not many use it because its a walk to the Well. I built a mini base there for the named thralls. The thralls there are second to none for the most part.