Blocking of resource 😡!

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: French

I’m French and playing I stumbled upon a very toxic type of player, indeed these have blocked bumps and resources such as the qui fut.
I find this to be anti-game count you doing something against it ?

then I at least report the player ?


pvp pve-c pve?

Resource blocking is a valid strategy in a competitive environment, whether it’s Starcraft or Conan Exiles.

Only cases where blocking prevents other people from playing or completing the game are expressly forbidden. This includes walling off the entire starting desert or blocking dungeons containing Keystone pieces. Blocking popular resource sites is not bannable.

They block the sulfur for me this should be forbidden as the may that there is on the map. Knowing that sulfur serves a lot I find it unacceptable that people can block it. They’re also blocking the bosses so they can’t get in.

Have they blocked all sources of sulphur, or just the most convenient ones? There are a few brimstone nodes just east of Black Galleon, a few underwater spawns near the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts and in the eastern sea, as well as some caves north of Noob River.

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And how much does those caves give compared to brimlake? I mean, it cant be that hard to just make brimlake a non building area.


whos modding what? find another server, try to win there 8]

Always there’s a personal opinion and a general opinion. Though i tottaly agree with your personal opinion and i believe too that spawing areas like that should be ‘unable to build areas’, the general opinion seems to be different. However i agree with my friend @Kapoteeni that when it comes to brimstone there are a lot of other resource areas , on the other hand, pvp run time, is very crucial . Pvp is catching the times, so every day you have to farm a lot and the time pressure is high. Behaviors like blocking the brimstone lake gives you bad delays. Still it gives you the motivation for attack schedules, to the blockers. So if we speak about pvp, for me, it’s wrong but not so. If we speak about pve, it is tottaly wrong and it must be reported.

I’ve never had any issues of players blocking off resources, well that’s because in my 3000 hours of playtime i haven’t touched official servers. Join a community Server that’s supported for the long haul and enjoy the game how its supposed to be played without grievers.

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Good idea. In fact, you could test all private servers for a while, to find out where the abusive admins are, since the vast majority of them are.

They shouldn’t be able to block any rare resource spawns, especially in PvE and PvE-C. But even in PvP, why allow that? Especially some place like Shattered Springs, or the Silver Mines, Etc. It can literally make a server unplayable. Some servers have very low populations. So a group becomes the Alpha there, and builds up, and then blocks off Shattered Springs. What are most clans going to do when they are new, and see that? Leave the server. This was also done on a fairly active PvP server. The Alpha was very active, and so they raided a lot, and used what they took, plus what they could farm, to block off Shattered Springs spawns. All of the spawns. People would come to the server, see that, and leave the server, usually with a derogatory comment towards the people who did it, and FUNCOM for allowing it to be done. Shattered Springs isn’t the most convenient. It’s the most plentiful. You can’t get in there until you have somebody who can make gas masks. The safest place is in the water, because it is easy to do it undetected. But Shattered Springs allows you to gather the most Brimstone, in the fastest time available.

It’s OK to block off things like trees, rocks, bushes, etc., because there are so many of them. Things like Brimstone, with how necessary it is, should not be able to be blocked.

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If you are toxic, I will abuse you all day long :dagger: :dagger:


I don’t even give them the dignity of being abused by me.
I simply remove them … forever.
Play by the rules or be mercilessly kicked out.

I play Single-player, so I don’t have a horse in this race. I don’t have a strong opinion on whether blocking should be allowed or not. I’m simply providing tips and tricks to survive in the current system where blocking is allowed.

If they prevent building in the lake, the alphas build a wall around it. If they make the no-build zone larger, they’ll just have to build a longer wall. This isn’t a problem that can be solved by making more no-build zones.

It’s a start. That’s a lot of structures, and a wall isn’t necessarily going to keep you out. You can climb over it. Also, when you see them trying to build a wall, you can build one of your own, that blocks theirs. You build it perpendicular, so they have to go around it. Sure, it’s silly, but what we are really talking about here is PvE. On PvP, the whole server can get together and take down the structure that the Alpha put around the lake. Actually, you don’t even have to take the whole thing down. Just keep putting holes in it.

But in PvE, that is a big lake to put a wall around, but again, a wall isn’t going to stop you. If you put climbing gear on, you can climb pretty high. That would take a really long time to build so high that people can’t climb over it.

It’s the building on the spawn location that is the real problem. This is why no-build zones could be a solution. It’s better than nothing.

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Here’s the thing: If they build in the lake, they block the resources for everyone, including themselves. The brimstone stops spawning. At this point, it’s a fair playing ground again because they won’t have any more access to brimstone than you do.

The smart ones who want to keep the brimstone for themselves do build a wall around it. Believe me - when people want to upset others and deny resources, they will find the time to build that wall. And climbing over it won’t really work because you can put fences that prevent climbing on those walls.

A wall is a lot easier to break than claim.

Want something done right? Do it yourself. Exactly why i set up my own private server back in 2019 and it’s been going on since. Feedback has been wonderful, PM me if you want the details.
I see lot’s of people complaining about issues that can be avoided if either Officials were moderated, or they joined a Server that best fits their play-style.

these game makers make money off the servers you rent. maybe that is why they don’t even enforce their own TOS on official servers. better for them if you go rent your own server.