Obelisks and resources

Why not make the obelisks and brimstone lake non build areas


Because non-build areas apply equally to all game modes and denial of resources is a valid strategy on PVP servers. Also, even if they did it only for PVE(-C) servers, that wouldn’t stop people from building walls around them. In short, I think that it’s much better that they finally made some rules against griefing and I hope they’ll see those rules enforced.


Very funny you mention that, since that is now something that can get you and your clan banned.


Very funny you mention that, because the new rules say:

And I know you’ve been reading the thread where we’re discussing that. So unless you can point me to where they actually clarified that this is bannable offense in PVP, I’m inclined to disagree with your interpretation and question your motives.


Uh, you just said denial of resources is a valid strategy.

Denial can mean blocking.

Preventing others from farming them.

Funcoms rules state that blocking resources can be deemed bannable, (heres where) consideration applied to PVE/PVE-C servers. So, that rule on blocking resources is for PVP…hence why I say its funny now to see you mention that, since it COULD lead to a ban.


Finally there are rules against this disgusting behavior


And that’s why I mentioned the thread where we’re discussing this. There are two interpretations right now. One is that this might be bannable even in PVP. The other is that the bit I quoted means that this part of the rules will mostly apply to PVE(-C). Funcom hasn’t yet clarified which one is correct. Until they do, we can’t really claim either as a fact.

because non build area doesnt mean that trolls and griefers cant build after the no build limitation and lock it up.

for example: land claim is 10 foundations befoire you can build around another base.
so basicly at the 11th foundation you cn start building. same goes for obelisks and other no build.


Blocking resources is clearly listed

It is. And it is also clearly stated that there will be special consideration against these cases on PVE(-C) servers.

I stand by what I said:

Some of us have already requested clarification, but we’re not likely to get it over the weekend.

To be honest though, there is zero need to block resources on PVE or PVE-C, so If that does happen on those servers, its due to a troll, and it should be a bannable offence.

Where the argument and the “special considerations” should be, is on PVP servers, since there is in game mechanics to deal with spam. (Not available in PVE and PVE-C)

Exactly! That’s why I’m inclined to believe that Funcom merely wrote their rules in a clumsy, unclear way, because they said “special consideration against”. I’m hoping that’s a really weird way of saying “this will be enforced on PVE(-C) mostly”, but I won’t claim that as a truth either, until they clarify it one way or another.

Should building around the obs, not completely blocking access, but building completely around the obs be against the rules? Even 1 foundation high, a completely encompassed ob can be turned into a complete blockage by a little cren…same idea with a completely walled ob with an open gate. The gate can be closed and the ob blocked at a whim…

Make them a no build area for 15 foundations out, people will make the wall there. There is no possible way to prevent the blocking of obelisks.

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I think they do not require a larger no build, or a connected no build, or even a bubble…funcom really just have to make a rule about it, all those suggestions come from pre-rules era and were valid ideas for a game with no admins…now we got admins AND rules…its a different kind of wasteland now…

And as far as the blocking of resources being account actionable, it should be considered, that pvp servers have building damage and spamstone can be countered in those servers. Not so on pve© servers, admin intervention is the only way to counter spamstone on those servers. Logically, the rules should apply to pve© servers, and not pvp…

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Possible in theory doesn’t mean possible in practice… you block brimstone, you’ll see an entire server leave eventually.

The caves combined barely have the resources of the lake, and they can be camped by that alpha non-stop.

And you might say, fight them, but what if you’ve been on the server for 4 days and you still need brimstone for every basic? You have no chance, the playing field becomes so skewed where it feels like trying to break a wall with a toothpick.


Then join on the thread :wink: Simple suggestion for cities, obelisks, dungeons, brimstone ... blocking -> an unbuildable path that connect them all


Is this on a pvp server?

Fight and destroy.

I don’t think you read my post.

Fight them? With what, boulders? Spend 15 minutes destroying one tier 3 foundation for them to only replace it with one click?

Like I said, possible in theory doesn’t mean feasible. All they need to see is one piece go down in the event log and they’re there to replace it.

Blocking brimstone skews the playing field for the entire server and it’s way too easy to achieve it.