Denying game content

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Is there any chance that devs could deny the possibility to block access to dungeons? Like the 'Land Claimed" message, that just prevents building?

it’s really infuriating to see a bunch of griefers just deny people content, and on PvE or PvE-C servers there is no way around it.

PS: Maybe implement admins, or GMs for that matter?



This is a common and well known problem on MP PVE servers. The only answer is an admin that will not tolerate it. If your admin is not responsive then it is time to go shopping for a new server.

lead world bosses to the structures or p[urges and they will destroy the stuff, then put some foundations in the ground so they cant block it again.

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this is a general problem on all official servers.

there are MANY officials where complete obelisks are already blocked and you can’t travel anywhere with the map room anymore.
pve is the worst in this case, cause you can’t even do anything against it…

world bosses are a really ugly task and it shouldn’t be… also the purge comes with over 2000 buildings and 50-100 clans with a really low probability to one of them, and even if it does, the big clans realize that soon and repair it.
ressource block is also possible and moreover I’m sure you even can (with enough manpower and/or time) block the entire spawn area

what’s more worse is that this mechanic was already used in ark, it lead to clans owning COMPLETE servers for themselves , which is just ridiciolous! afterwards there are like 5-10 players online, but it’s only 1 clan. unplayable on officials due to this.

we are going the same way here already, obelisk block is just the beginning …

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Damn man, I didn’t know it was that serious.

Its serious and has been a CANCER since EA day 1! Funcom has not done anything solid to stop the abuses, neither punished anyone. They would rather see a thousand unhappy costumers, who will leave negative reviews, badmouth the game, leave it entirely than come with a solution to punish exploiters and griefers!


The bigger question is, how do you control player behavior from being a**holes?

They could increase the radius from players building in these locations, but ultimately someone with enough time or a big enough clan will just build bigger walls to block content. It’s a flaw by online interaction not by design, I’ve played private servers where this hasn’t been an issue but ultimately got my own server so I don’t have to deal with these types of idiots.

Maybe they could heavily amplify the purge against those who build near these types of places, it’s the only system that is meant to destroy.


Well, this sorta thing is what a GM is for. How come OFFICIAL servers have no higher power?

I’m not entirely sure, but I think official servers weren’t meant to have a higher power. They cost money which may not be available to spend or perhaps they rather leave the server interactions to the players and not have GM peacekeepers roaming around.

Definitely not a great experience to have someone blocking you from content but I think prevention is better than action. It’s just getting a better system in place to handle the prevention without causing other issues. Like I said I think they should focus on the purge for this problem as it’s the best active system they have to destroy player structures. Amplify this to those who build X distance from obelisks or dungeon entrances and it should give them a struggle for trying to be inconsiderate.


It’s simple… you build a heatmap of the areas where the critical stuff is, and then in runtime check claim areas against this heat map, and if they intersect, make the server spawn an unsheduled difficult 6 purge against the owners of that claim in that particular spot until it’s destroyed (that type purge cannot be defeated and simply continues to spawn wave after wave.)

That way, you don’t need to block construction per-se anywhere, but can protect the high importance areas.

The purge is supposed to be some kind of “immune system” for the servers anyways, that removes the garbage… it’s a natural extension of that task IMO.

You can even be sure that it can’t cause havoc, by making any spawned critter for that particular purge ONLY aggro towards the clan that owns the claim and no other players.


In a number of posts Funcom have informed us that they do not and will not provide GM/Admin moderation of the official servers.
Recently Funcom did implement more “no build” zones in response to players giving them specific examples of players being blocked from accessing content by other players building onto spawn areas or surrounding particular areas.

This was in the 500+ patch early July2018…I’ve read of mixed reports of people who still finding these locations blocked by buildings that were there before the patch and others who say their building had been despawned/destroyed by the patch.

If you have a specific example of access being blocked then I suggest you report it to Funcom with as much detail as you can (server ID, co-ordinates, screen shot if you can …Funcom has a post listing what info is helpful). This way they can look into the incident and decide if the area also needs a no build zone included in a future patch.
(Not all official servers have rampant blocking abuse, I think my partner and I got lucky with ours …most who block off any access alter their building or put in elevators/bridges/stairs when asked…and for the stubborn few who would not … we have two or three obsessive players with excessive amounts of resources who ensured the stubborn blockers got the message fast that it’s not socially acceptable … PvE server by the way)

yep something like this would already be a good solution
I can even imagine doing this without a purge, especially around obelisk, so there’s like a fake npc trying to go into all directions from the obelisk, and if he get’s stopped by buildings near to it , the stuff automatically gets removed until he can cross.

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Sounds absolutely doable. It’s not only dungeons, it’s also thing like Slaveway, which carries no loot or anything, but it’s just immersive as hell.


Simple solution: Don’t play on the official servers.

I never play on a server where my body remains in game when I’m logged off.
I prefer to play on a server that someone actually cares about.
A decent server owner will not allow players to block off important areas.

Can’t just put down foundations anymore. New decay system will destroy them in 1.5 hours. You’d have to build a good size building.

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only need 6 building pieces. 2x2 is 4 foundation plus 4 ceiling tiles. decay solved or 6 foundations

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It has to be T3 and 7 foundations (yes, it’s 7 to get the highest decay time possible).

sorry I didn’t mention the walls going on or the door frame or the door. so well over 7