Rules about proximity of building?

Are there any actual rules (official) about building too close to another player’s base?
I have been offline for a few days, I have come back and someone has built their base RIGHT on my doorstep. I intend to ask the player politely to move their base and will offer to help them move, but what options are open to me if they refuse? Is it against official server rules to be so close to another player’s base? Would I be able to report them?
I don’t mind having neighbours but when this guy gets hit by a purge, I’m going to cop for it as well

No there is no ‘rule’ about where to build in regards to someone else. There is however a rule against preventing other players from building too close by claiming the land yourself with the sole intent of blocking others from building there.

You can only report them if they are intentionally abusing the land claim as mentioned above, that is; putting down foundations just to claim the land without intent to actually use it.

You are part of a community. If you don’t want others around you then playing on official servers may not be for you.

Who knows, after you speak with them you might spark up a friendship together and start going on adventures with them. It can happen (or so I’ve heard).


How close is it really? Is it literally as close as possible, so you can’t upgrade/replace parts of your base? If so, does it look obvious they did this to harass you?

If all of the above is true, then maybe you have a case to present.

If not, then they’re not really breaking any rule just by building close to you and you’ll have to deal with it on your own.

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There’s no “rule” perse. There is etiquette though. Basically, just don’t be “that guy”.


There is landclaim radius. If land is not claimed then anyone can build on it. It’s illegal to surround someone’s base with building blocks so that there is no free pass left or to “fence out” some important game locations, but that’s all.

This chart might help:

Let’s assume you are the owner of the building listed as ‘B’ and your landclaim around your buildings is shown in green. Your neighbor, listed as ‘A’, has a similar build and has a landclaim shown in red. The space between you in blue is an area not claimed by either of you, but if one of you builds in it, it will prevent the other from expanding in that direction.

Building in the blue area (represented by the green star there) is going to be fine (assuming all other rules followed). Either one can build there. Assuming the build has a FUNCTION and isn’t being done with the sole reason of blocking. So putting a random foundation there = a ban. Putting a crafting area or storage with the idea of actually using it for such and the intent isn’t to obviously block your neighbor, you’re fine.

But lets say you build in the red area (where the green star is in that red area). Now you’re getting into a nasty area. You’re already blocking from the east side by the nature of being there. Nothing wrong with that. But if you build to the north (or south, or west) of your neighbor… now you’re blocking on two sides. This will likely get you in hot water. You could build to the north of your own base just fine, but crossing over to the west where it would enclose them in is going to allow them to have cause enough to report you.

This is of course going to be based on intent. You can build to the north or south (using the example) of your neighbor if of sufficient distance and you would be fine. But again… if they try to expand in that direction and can’t. You could still open yourself up to action. Best bet is to draw a line between you and them and don’t ever cross to the point where you block two or more sides.

And if you do build on the one side. Ensure that you absolutely need to because of terrain or other limiting factors and only for structures that have a game function and not simply just ‘decorative’. Decorative buildings with the intent of landclaim aren’t permitted.

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There is a rule against putting down building pieces for the sole purpose of claiming land (as opposed to a functional base). (Also against blocking other peoples access to points of interest)

If you want to build a base close to someone else, build it. As long as its a base.

The game prevents you from building “too close”.


He is literally as close as you can get without “This land is already claimed” appearing. I will try to figure out how to upload screenshots next time I am on and show you


Thank you all for your responses, it’s been very informative


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