Server rules and trolling (PC)

So a little bit of context I was building a large base on the beach in J7 on server 6436 on PC, and my neighbors for some reason took offense to this calling it a “highway”. I didn’t block the beach but they went out of their way to put in fence foundations to block me from building further. ( video for proof. I’m curious is this breaking any rules? I mean since this I have kind got mad about it since they refuse to remove them or compromise you can literally go AROUND my base via the beach well you could until last night. I was basically told to go F myself over it and since then I claimed the beach to the water you can’t go around it directly anymore but you can go around it via the inland or swim. It’s a stretch of beach with nothing important on it.

So I cannot believe you all are fighting over a little bit of beach. . .lol. Also I am always amazed that people build on top of each other. There is a whole map of perfectly acceptable building spots, yet you two are built right up against one another.
To answer your question, no it is not against the rules, but spamming fences or foundations IS against the rules.
You can submit a report on them for foundation spamming here.


yeah they are spamming the foundations. It lead to a huge drama show on the server and a bunch of drama over this. There was like 6 of us who were really good friends and now now 3-4 of them aren’t on speaking terms anymore it’s going to escalate if no action is taken as someone has stated they will foundation wall in the entire area.

This was on a beach and it was going to look AWESOME when finished I was making a honeycomb tower based castle build, and instead of asking me to resize the towers just started spamming fence foundations. They are trying to “white knight” for the server and it back fired it’s caused a issue where 4-5 people on the server are now fighting with each other. If action isn’t taken it’s going to escalate.

Spamming foundations for the sole purpose of preventing someone from building is against the rules, so you can report them for that if you want to.

However, I would just like to point out that there are good reasons not to build very close to other people, like you did. It’s not merely about courtesy or lag or server performance. It’s also about purges.

When a purge is spawned for a clan, it does not differentiate between that clan’s buildings and everyone else’s. They’ll just attack and destroy whatever is in their way. This means that if your build gets targeted by a purge, their build might get damaged and destroyed because of that. And vice versa, if they get a purge, your stuff might get damaged.

This is very frustrating for both parties, because each clan can only keep an eye on their own purge meter and gets the notification for their purges. So basically, when you build too close to someone else, you’re forcing them to stay around their base during prime hours and watch out for your purges.

So instead of further escalating your conflict with them, maybe you could come to an agreement with them and relocate your build.


tried that they won’t move them at all so I only keep the one large tower as a outpost. There is no talking with this person she won’t compromise and she won’t remove them, and last night what you said already happened the purge spawned on their doorstep and damaged their stuff. If that won’t cause them to compromise nothing else will.

Sorry, I probably didn’t express myself well enough.

Based on the wording of your post and what I can see in the video, it looks like their base was already there before you started building your base.

If that’s the case, then it’s understandable that they’re upset and you could offer to move a bit farther away from them. Maybe they will offer to help you with resources to do so.

Good luck and I hope you resolve your situation in a way that works out for everyone.


Tried that even said that as far as I was going to go in that direction and they are claiming ownership over the entire beach for the entire server. If funcom won’t take action and remove the fence foundations I’m just going to let the purge run rampant next time on their door step. edit that base on the right in the video isn’t theirs and they have a convergence trap to avoid the purge they did it just to cause trouble period. I also offered to move into the REDWOODS and they STILL wouldn’t remove the spam lmao.

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Oof, that sucks. I guess you really should just report them and hope for the best.

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Yeah I even offered to move into the redwoods and they still won’t remove it claiming it’s a “highway” lmao only two people beside me live right there, and not a single other person nearby that was inland complained only them, and their base already took damage they never repaired. The lady is so clueless she believes the purge can ONLY attack my stuff.

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